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So how many bags do you own right now? And how many of those have you used lately? If you’re like me, you are most definitely guilty of sticking to one bag until it starts to get worn out before you think of changing it. Before I used to think that that’s a bad thing. But then I realized I could actually capitalize on that to create for myself a foolproof bag capsule wardrobe featuring only the bags I’ll actually use. I don’t want to have to struggle so hard thinking of how to use a handbag or a clutch after I have already purchased it. That’s why it is an accessory right? It’s supposed to accessorize my clothes not the other way! So how exactly do you figure which bag to buy and which ones to slowly step away from when we are faced with so many beautiful and irresitible options?


Today, I thought I’d use some of the bags in my wardrobe to demonstrate how to make this seemingly hard decision. In my humble opinion, there are only five types of bags you actually need in your closet. Yes five. And this bold proclamation is based on both style and function. Basically you can choose to buy many of a certain type, but you will realize that if you are smart with your purchases, most of the bags you buy will pull double duty more often than you initially thought possible.

1.The work bag – Ideally in black or a neutral color, this is the bag that will be the ideal complement to all your work outfits. The structure will also suggest an official or formal setting. It will need to be large enough to hold all your office essentials but not too big for carrying around five days a week.

celine-trapeze-bag-work-bag capsule wardrobewhite-work-bag capsule wardrobebag-capsule-wardrobe-mk-work-bag

2. The errand bag – This bag is mostly casual. Think of that tote bag that you reach out for when going shopping, or out for a walk downtown. It’s big enough to hold the essentials when running your errands but not too big to carry around. If your style is trendy or sporty, this is where your stylish backpack comes in.


3. A cross body bag or day clutch –  I like to call this the fun bag. You could buy both a cross body bag and a clutch or you could buy one with detachable straps so it can be used as either. This is the small bag you pick up to go meet the girls or go out for brunch.  The beauty of this bag is that you can go all out with the colors and designs depending on your style. I tend to stick more to nudes and neutrals so you will find my day bags in shades of pink, black, white etc. Sometimes I will pick one with a dash of color but ensure it’s a color that will go with most stuff in my closet. And I find that I can use most of these bags for date-night as well and that versatility is a big plus when creating a bag capsule wardrobe.

bag capsule wardrobe day clutchbags-capsule-wardrobe-black-day-clutch black-cross-body-bag-as-a-clutch-bagbag-capsule-wardrobe-black-crossbody-bagbag-capsule-wardrobe-red-errands-bag bag capsule wardrobe - cross body bag

4. The occasion or party clutch bag –  This one is quite easy to figure out. A black clutch will go with almost every outfit. If you like add a metallic touch (in gold or silver) or a popping color like red or yellow, for those nights you’re feeling adventurous. What most people forget however is that a clutch bag is not just for a night on the town. Think of the many times you’ve had to dress up for an important event or occasion and how that box clutch would have complemented your getup.


5.  The travel bag or the weekender – Also referred to as the weekend bag,  this is the bag that’s big enough to hold a change of clothing and probably use as a carry-on when traveling. Travel bags could be a tad expensive but it’s important to invest in a good one that you can rely on when you don’t have the luxury of changing bags. In the true spirit of minimalism I tend to use some of my bigger errand handbags for travel as well and so can you. But ultimately this large blue bag is my favorite when getting on a plane since I can stuff so much in it!


Do you agree with this list or have something else to add? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and stay elegant! XX

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