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Basic Print 4

basic print 4
Truth is everyone is busy and picking out outfits can be tasking at times. That’s why there’s nothing as liberating as having a go to outfit that literally takes two minutes to put together. So my basic go to outfit happens to be rather unusual. It is the leopard print dress. Ahem,I know… but please let me explain. Once I discovered that I can wear a leopard print dress with pretty much anything. It goes with all colors, I can dress it down if I like, I can glam it up with a pop of color and accessories, I can leave it as is and it will still make the statement I need made. It’s one dress that I can wear as easily to a business dinner as to the office. By the way I’m a self-confessed collector of leopard print pieces… Guys this is really getting out of hand. But oh well.

I know, animal print is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if it works for you, why not? The whole point of this blog anyway is to inspire you to incorporate some sense of style in your everyday dressing without having to try too hard. So don’t blame my attempts to get you to try the leopard print dress. You see looking chic doesn’t have to be left to models and fashion bloggers, because honestly it doesn’t cost much. Ever noticed how most people go for safe dressing just so that they can remain unnoticed because they are afraid of judgement? And some end up doing the same thing with life. Playing safe. Staying basic. Working hard to pay bills day in day out, but doing nothing more with your life. Did you know that the whole point of free living (style included), is to be able to leave your comfort zone and reach for new terrifying and most times greater things? It is to open yourself to criticism and (sometimes mean) feedback because in that same breath you could acquire priceless knowledge, make valuable connections and create everlasting relationships. Happiness is about freedom. And all we want in life is to be happy right? So basically you aren’t living if you aren’t free. Stop covering the basics, live.

That’s why I salute entrepreneurs and innovators. Putting your ideas out there, starting up something that you have no idea how it will end up, but believing, because at the end of it all there is a change you want to make, there is a mark you need to leave. There is a way you want to do things that no one else has done yet. That’s courage. On that note, I can’t believe the long awaited GES week is here! Planning to get the most out of it, hope you do too. And by the way, new entrepreneur community on twitter alert, if you are an entrepreneur and haven’t followed startupFoundersKE on twitter already, go do that right now. Handle is @SfoundersKE. Thank me later.

Enjoy #GES2015Kenya! Still can’t believe that this phenomenal gathering is in my Nairobi. I do feel rather proud to be Kenyan right now. Thanks for reading. Don’t be basic. XX

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