Dottie KiminyaHey there, my name is Dottie Kiminya and I wear many hats. Public Relations is what you would call my profession. But of course as any English major worth her salt, I like to call myself a writer too… (you be the judge haha). I have had a few articles published in different forums though. A love for PR and a love for fashion saw me venture into freelance fashion styling and fashion PR, an experience that has inspired this blog. I am also a creative entrepreneur and will be sharing snippets of that here as well.

I love fashion; both learning about it and living it. Playing dress up and finding as many ways as possible to wear something is among my favorite pastimes. So is shopping, styling other people, spending hours poring over fashion magazines, checking out the latest runway trends and red carpet styles, and getting inspired. I love travel, good food (and good wine), the outdoors and beautiful spaces. And jazz! I’m crazy about books. I like yoga. I’m currently overcoming my coffee addiction yay! My favorite hangout companions are family, close friends, the ocean and a good book. Also, I write. About everything.

The Elegant Lane

Welcome to The Elegant Lane, a fashion and lifestyle blog that was inspired by my life in the PR world.  Image is a big part of PR; in fact, it can as easily be what PR is all about. How you are perceived either as an organization or an individual will determine how people react to you. For individuals, the very first way your image is revealed to the world is through your style. What you wear does speak volumes. And beyond that first contact, your lifestyle comes into play. That connection inspired this blog.

I believe everyone is entitled to an elegant life. Elegance is not about abundance and material luxury. I choose to see it as the luxury of choice. Of learning to pick out the seemingly simple things that make a big difference. Both in your life and in your style. Finding that je ne se quoi that makes you extra-ordinary,  and believing that you too can have the best! That’s the air of contentment you see around all proclaimed elegant women in history. It’s a journey and having some inspiration does go a long way.  So to inspire, that’s what this blog is about. To inspire through my style choices and preferences, fashion and style tips, lifestyle conversations covering everything I care about and sometimes just musings. I may not be an expert on it all but I base it on experience and research sometimes. However little it helps, if it does that’s all that matters to me.

This being a great way to connect and learn from each other, I also invite you to share your opinion, insight and any questions on the above, to which I respond and share (unless it’s private) on the fashion and life hacks section. So thank you for stopping by, I hope we have lots of educative fun. If you would like to know how we can work together please check out my stylist and fashion PR services or contact me

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