Grey Lightweight Trench Coat Outfit 6


grey lightweight trench coat outfit 6

Another perfect day to rock a lightweight trench coat ??

I have refrained from doing outfit posts lately (and concentrating on food because what else do we do when it’s cold outside other than eat and sleep right? We wish). Anyway as I was saying, outfit posts had been kicked to the curb (my apologies) largely because one, it was literally too cold to play dress up and two, most of the outfit posts I had scheduled featured stuff that is totally impractical for the (dreary) cold season, so let’s revisit those probably in September? Huh sometimes I don’t understand myself where weather is concerned but who does, I mean aren’t we the same people who were complaining, dreading and trolling the scorching sun and heat just a few months back? But now, oh what a welcome sight, the little weak rays of comfort fighting their way through the adamantly grey skies… but then again, that’s how human beings are. Never truly satisfied, always wanting what you don’t have (and probably at the moment can’t have). What is with that anyway? Enough about the weather though (and other human needs too far to reach right about now…)grey lightweight trench coat outfit 7

Point of having this blog is giving you ideas on a practical wardrobe anyway. And since I can’t hide in my hooded layers for another month I might as well embrace the season and dress to suit it right? (Can’t believe a while back I was going on and on here about how much I love when it’s cold so I can stylishly wear all the layers and woollen stuff. I kinda take that back or advise that you take it with a pinch of caution because, it seems like I never learn; every year I forget how bad it was the previous year until it’s well…that bad!

grey lightweight trench coat outfit 2

Luckily just when I had decided to hell with it let’s rock those knits and hoods, this week things took a turn for the better allowing me to wear this grey lightweight trench coat (which I stumbled on online and was impressed by its uniqueness, check link below) without shivering myself silly. The jacket can hold it’s own though; it is light but still pretty warm. And open shoes! Oh what luxury. I practice this little trick of getting through the dull weather, wearing something bright! It does seem to channel brighter spirits and maybe the sunshine (ok i’m pushing it 🙂 Style tip : besides being absolutely fabulous on it’s own, a lightweight trench coat is great for layering on colder days. So you can wear it over a long sleeved top or knit sweater etc, staying warm and less bulky at the same time.

Have yourself a fabulously bright weekend and don’t let the weather dull your shine. Umm did I just make this whole post about the weather? Whoa is my life this uneventful? Hmm story for another day… for now outfit details:grey lightweight trench coat outfit 5Lightweight trench coat – Chicwish

Top – Trendy Fashions and Interiors

Pants – Dazzles closet (also worn here )

Shoes – Nine West

Bag – Jumia

Thanks for stopping by and stay elegantly warm!  Xoxo. More pics ??grey lightweight trench coat outfit 4grey lightweight trench coat outfitgrey lightweight trench coat outfit 3grey lightweight trench coat outfit 1

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