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pantsuit styling tips 2Sometimes we women mean business and we want it to show in what we wear. Not all days can be gotten through in frills and frocks. Sometimes we have things to do and messages to pass across. Not to say that frills and frocks are bad, but sometimes a woman is not here for anyone’s foolishness (in Luvie Ajayi’s writing voice). After all clothes communicate our mood even before we speak (or when we don’t feel like speaking lol). So on those days that we are here to get things done, and need some motivation to put on our big girl pants and do what’s got to be done, those are the days to pull off a pantsuit. (This is where I tell you if you are reading this and don’t own a suit, please get some styling tips below then go and order yours (even online) right away. And if you need help with online buying check out this post).

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Pantsuits are every woman’s way of making that important statement to herself and those around her, that there are times to get practical, bold and defiant. After all women wearing suits was once illegal in many parts of the world, did you know that? So it’s about time you borrowed a page from them boss ladies’ book and bought yourself a suit or two. Time to join that #pantsuitnation ladies. I’m currently keeping up with Evan Rachel Wood’s red carpet looks because I find her plan to wear only pantsuits this year as her own empowerment statement quite fascinating. Mainly because it’s gonna be interesting to see how many styles she will pull off. You can join me in stalking her if you need fresh ideas on how to rock your pantsuit. So please cross over to this empowered place of pantsuit elegance ?

blue pantsuit outfit 1

I know most of us avoid pantsuits because we find them dull and uninteresting. However, since this is one style that’s making a major comeback in the fashion world and to be honest it’s among the most practical clothes a career woman can own, you may want to rethink that conviction. After all, what if you could make yours a little bit interesting and a whole lot of stylish, wouldn’t you? Simple things like choosing a jacket with interesting detail, wearing a delicate blouse to breathe some feminine life into the ensemble and choosing the right shoes, can make or break your pantsuit awesomeness. Also, I’m more inclined to cigarette or straight pants with my suits especially in the office for that understated elegance. Also for the perfect office look, I like to pair suits with pointed toe pumps.

blue pantsuit outfit 2

This blue pantsuit is a favorite of mine because I find the lime-green edges on the jacket rather catchy, hence adding a twist to the normal. It may be hard to style at times since color choices aren’t always obvious, but creativity is about embracing a challenge. And this look wasn’t as tough to create once I figured out this tank-top has the exact shade of lime as the edges on the blazer, and the white handbag adds perfect color balance to the outfit. After all fashion is about experimenting until you hit the jackpot. And voila, personal style identified! pantsuit styling tipshow to wear a blue pantsuitblue pantsuit outfitpantsuit styling tips 1

This post was sponsored by Tech-Vivid, for women in business and all that you stand for. May you be motivated to dress for success.

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