Blue Jumpsuit

So recently I was shopping with my preteen daughter whose sense of style is so adventurous and experimental that she scares me sometimes. But I roll with it; she picks some really cute pieces sometimes that I even ‘borrow’, case in point this jacket from an earlier post, and we have loads of fun. But guess what style I’m unable to get her to try until now: a jumpsuit! Apparently it’s too much work, how will I use a public bathroom being the first question she asked! My girlfriends who know how much I’m into jumpsuits love to tease me with this question too. Come on guys it’s 2017. Wear a jumpsuit and find out if it’s really that bad!

Everyone, despite their size or body-type can wear a jumpsuit. I find that if you’re able to choose the right kind, jumpsuits are actually glamorous pieces that you can wear for that special occasion. My jumpsuits for instance tend to have pronounced colors and interesting cuts that just don’t allow everyday wear. I like them that way. If you follow these four simple guidelines you too can rock a jumpsuit without a hassle and look fabulous while at it.

  1. Fit – Because if a jumpsuit is too tight it looks ridiculous and doesn’t do your body justice. Also when it’s too tight, that’s when the bathroom challenges come into play because it will be too hard to take off! If you need an army to remove your jumpsuit, it’s not worth wearing in public. Lol
  2. Length – A jumpsuit that’s too short looks just weird. Need I say more? If you know you’ll be wearing high-heels with yours for instance, factor that too into your length choice.
  3. Fabric – Avoid fabric that’s clingy, prone to creases or too light. To flatter your silhouette, a jumpsuit should be sort of draped around you, subtly flattering the curves in the right places and flowing around the rest of the body. If you get that right you will love it so much that undressing in a public restroom will be the least of your concerns!
  4. Accessories – Minimal accessories are your best bet with this type of clothing, especially if you choose the glamorous kind. Your shoes and bag need not be over the top; neither do you need statement jewelry because that jumpsuit you’re rocking is statement enough.

Hoping you get the courage to try one soon if you haven’t yet! Thanks for passing by and stay elegant!



Scroll down for more pics and outfit details.

Outfit details:

Blue print jumpsuit – FigureStyle Boutique

Shoes : Primark

Purse: Gifted

Watch : Anne Klein|Nordstrom

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