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These first rays of sunshine are so welcome after the past two months of dull weather and cold we have had in Nairobi,  and with them thoughts of the next vacation destination. While trying to plan, I realized that I did have this information I could share with you guys too about how you can pull off a hassle free holiday while saving both your precious time and some money.  You see not all of us are lucky to have assistants at our beck and call to plan everything we need and get it right. We have to do it ourselves! Regardless of whether you are planning your first ever holiday or if you’ve been doing this for a while now, I believe everyone could benefit from these vacation planning tips to ensure you have an amazing time and some peace of mind the next time you want to take that well deserved break.

Book early 

I think most people do know that almost everything comes a lot cheaper if you purchase it earlier than others. I mean even in the world of online shopping we all know that those pre-order options are there for a reason. And same case applies to booking your travel, accommodation and means to move around while on holiday. Almost every booking engine I know has crazy discounts for early bookers. Same case applies to your plane ticket and car rental. The earlier you book, the more you save. So how about being a little organized and picking your travel days well in advance so you can secure those low cost bookings (ensure they don’t charge a cancellation fee though in case plans change).

Research on your destination

If you love to travel like I do, you will notice that the period between deciding where to go and the day you leave is an overload of excitement. I like to use this time to do a little bit of research on where I will be staying, the neighbourhood, places I could visit or eat etc. usually this is also the time where I make a decision on what kind of vacation I want this to be i.e. is it exploration or relaxation. Sometimes I might have planned for a relaxing vacation but change my mind based on what I find out about the destination. And it is okay as long as you have fun! Researching on a destination also helps you know what to pack depending on the weather, culture and planned activities. Having this information beforehand ensures that you use your precious vacation hours wisely without hassling about making last minute plans and sometimes getting utterly disappointed.

Plan your days / or not

Of course based on the above you must have figured that the next step is to have an itinerary of sorts so you can do all the things you wanted to do. But it is important to note that sometimes it helps to leave some days not as meticulously planned. Because after all being on holiday should not be the same thing as our work-days. We should be allowed to unwind, have loose schedules or basically have days that we don’t plan to do anything. It’s the least we deserve, right?

Pack accordingly

The subject of packing for holiday is one that has been discussed by many people and yet we (especially the ladies) can’t seem to grasp the concept of packing essentials. I will soon do an article on how to pick out your holiday essentials where we will discuss this at length. But meanwhile, an overview. Don’t lie to yourself that you will start packing the night before without any prior thought and get everything right. Your packing begins with step 2. If you have reliable information on where you are going, you will avoid those ‘in-case’ additions to your suitcase that could be the difference between a smooth airport check-in and the alternative which we all cringe to think about.  Ensure you are packing essentials and definitely not your most valued clothes or accessories. Those are safer at home. You are going on vacation not to an awards ceremony. Also keep a record of all the things you pack in case you lose your luggage!

Get your travel documents in order 

This is a no-brainer that obviously applies to those travelling abroad. (We are blessed with some exotic destinations in Kenya so it shouldn’t be a surprise or seem less of a holiday if your vacation destination is not abroad). But, if you are going abroad, besides the usual ensuring your documents are up to date etc., one tip I’d add is have your passport and other important travel documents in a scanned version / photograph, saved probably as a draft on your email. Imagine the agony of losing your purse in a foreign land with no way of contacting anyone or proving your nationality. Ugh.

Secure your home!

Yes we are so caught up in our upcoming exciting days of being away from home that we forget we will still come back once it’s all over. So how about ensuring you leave your home well-secured with probably an alarm system and cameras with a system that you can log into at any time and see what’s going on. Another way to ensure your home is safe is probably arrange with a neighbor to trust to be on the look-out, and ask your trusted friend who lives nearby to check on the place often.

Prepare your house for your return

You don’t want to come back from an amazing vacation to a house that stinks because you forgot take out the trash. Or left food that went bad. Or can’t even find a place to sit because during your last minute packing rush you left all your clothes all over the house. We are human and it can happen. Solution? Finish your packing early, ensure you’ve left your home in a state you will be happy to return to.

Enjoy your vacay!!

Below, a few of my favourite travel shots and destinations you could try. ??Captions with details.

Vacation planning tips

Le Caudan Waterfront, port-louis Mauritius

Vacation planning tips that save time and money

Water-front dining at Le Suffren Hotel, Mauritius

Chasing the sunset at Hilton, Mauritius

Chasing the sunset at Hilton Resort and Spa, Mauritius

Balcony view, Hilton Mauritius

Balcony view, Hilton Mauritius

Vacation planning tips

Chasing the Mauritius sunset. Caught it this time !

Sunrise at Sea Cliff Hotel, Dar-es Salaam

Sunrise at Sea Cliff Hotel, Dar-es Salaam

View from the room at Sea Cliff , Dar es Salaam

View from the room at Sea Cliff , Dar es Salaam

Exploring in Buffles Bay, Western Cape, SA

Exploring in Buffles Bay, Western Cape, SA

Morning beach strolls in Watamu, Kenya

Morning beach strolls in Watamu, Kenya

Room View the Umstead Hotel and Spa, North Carolina :) I was so lucky to capture this moment :)

Room View the Umstead Hotel and Spa, North Carolina. I was so lucky to capture this moment!

New York New York ?

New York New York!

At the Milwaukee Art Museum

At the Milwaukee Art Museum

Sun kissed skin and ocean-side strolls

Sun-kissed skin and ocean-side strolls in Malindi, Kenya

Thanks for reading and hope you have fun creating your own memories.  ❤️Do you have more vacation planning tips you think might help? Share below… Stay elegant! XX


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