A Feminine Touch

A Feminine Touch

a feminine touch 6So I hope we are all in agreement that feminine is super attractive, powerful and sexy. There is nothing as awesome as a woman who is comfortable enough to be herself, to embrace her feminine side.  That said, this is a topic that most people might take the wrong way, in the sense of translating that being feminine or lady-like etc is about long dresses and frocks, or the most misused word in our society today, “decency.” For me however a lady is personality, confidence and what you know yourself to be, and how you project that image to the world.  Nevertheless a number of women out there may struggle to find clothes that speak to the woman inside. Of course the most important thing is comfort and making sure that your clothes always fit!

But if you truly fancy feminine styles you are in luck because today I’m sharing with you some ideas on how to add a feminine touch to every outfit you put together. And no we are not talking about wearing dresses all the time, just a few pieces you should consider adding to your wardrobe that will help you achieve that feminine look.

a feminine touch

  1. Lace, crochet or some form of embroidery
  2. Embellishment
  3. Bright vibrant colors
  4. A peplum piece
  5.  A chain strap purse
  6. A pair of metallic heels
  7. Light soft fabrics (chiffon is my favorite)

I hope you have fun experimenting with these. Thanks for reading, stay elegant. XX

Skirt,top and purse from Jumia, metallic pumps from Nine West

PS. First post after re-branding! Make-over is underway, I hope you are as excited as I am 🙂

a feminine touch a feminine touch

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