Afternoon Tea At The Lord Erroll : High Tea Style

After going for months without seeing each other despite the fact that we live in the same city, last Saturday my girlfriends and I decided to meet up for afternoon tea at the Lord Erroll in Runda, Nairobi. Because what better way to spend an afternoon than with a group of fun ladies and share loads of stories over a cup of tea, a savory canapes menu and a glass of Prosecco? Of course, true to our form we had to properly dress up for the occasion and I absolutely love my girls’ sense of style! Check out how amazing they all looked.

So this is not a review per se of this beautiful restaurant but just me giving you genuine accounts of places and experiences as I always do. But I gotta say, I had seen some not so good reviews of The Lord Erroll and when I went there I was surprised and delighted that I didn’t take those reviews seriously. Because I honestly do not have anything negative to say about this place.

afternoon tea at the lord erroll

First and foremost, we were delighted that the guys at the Lord Erroll actually do have a high tea menu so we didn’t have to worry too much about having our own tailor made menu. We were in fact impressed by the variety on this menu, and the actual food did not disappoint. You can check out our menu here > (Afternoon Tea Menu Lord Erroll ) . Then add some prosecco to that list ?

The ambience too is definitely something to write home about. Being a person who’s crazy about beautiful spaces, this restaurant definitely tops my list of must visits. The outdoors is as amazing as the indoors. They say a picture can speak a thousand words so hope this view of the gardens from where we sat gives you an idea of  what to expect while you dine. Some soft classical music will be playing in the background as well. A perfect way to spend an afternoon I must say.

afternoon tea at the lord erroll

Then more pics of our food:

More snacks, more ‘tea’, more conversation ?

afternoon tea at the lord erroll

The girls had to pose and I was the photographer so I’m not in the picture….So I had to compensate by making sure I was in every picture afterwards at their expense! Haha.

aftafternoon tea at the lord erroll

afternoon tea at the lord erroll

afternoon tea at the lord erroll : high tea style


We honestly had a blast and we’ll be going back soon. Also, I’m grateful to have ladies in my life I can do such fun stuff with! What do you and your friends like to do for fun?

IPhone picture!

She’s so tall but we manage lol


Thanks for reading and stay elegant!



PS: I’ll do another post about my outfit with more pics soon!

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