Another Perfect Day

Another Perfect Day 22

another perfect day 22

Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” I am not one of those people who swear by inspirational quotes nor do I have a collection of ‘words to live by.” I am more of the decisions kind of girl, I think of something, I plan for it, I think of the pros and cons, and decide if it’s worth it or not, then I do it or not. I am just not able to listen to motivational speakers and their examples and go like, that could be me. No. Mostly I get my motivation from earlier results, learn a lot from my mistakes and other peoples’ mistakes too, and my surroundings and events in life have for me more often served as inspiration and lessons than books and speakers. Still I find this quote exceptional because of just how true I find it to be. It does resonate with this thing I do, where I let my mind imagine a perfect day ahead, I totally believe it and viola, it happens. Seriously. Let me explain.

Have you noticed how human beings are naturally conditioned to focus on the negative so much that they overshadow anything good in their lives? How about for just one day, we actively move away from that dark tunnel towards the light of goodness, of recognizing the beautiful life that we have been blessed with? Every morning when I wake up, I will myself to think; here comes another perfect day. I actually tell myself that I am going to have a swell day no matter what happens, I will shut out the noise, I will bring out my A-game and deal with whatever comes, calmly. And guess what happens, of late I have actually been having perfect days. I am able to put my issues into these compartments and open them when I am ready, face the day as is, focus on the matter at hand, be present, laugh genuinely, pay attention, taste my food, be great company. And at the end of the day I end up bringing the best in those around me as well, and suddenly my world is a much better place. Try it today. Be the reason for another person to have a perfect day, and every day you will be having perfect days too.

another perfect day

another perfect day 3
PS: Pictures taken at Nation Centre by an NMG photojournalist for something different but thought I’d use them on here to illustrate my basic days… 🙂 For the outfit, the pants and top are from Kohl’s, shoes from Target, all bought on a shopping spree in Milwaukee…  (sorry no links, can’t be of much help there) Blazer is from Jumia. Also wearing my usual everyday make-up that I didn’t get the chance to touch up.. 🙂 Thanks for reading. XX.

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