Baby Shopping Guide:  Creating a Baby Items Checklist

Creating A Baby Items Checklist

creating a baby items checklistHey there! It’s been a long minute! Yeah, this is the first time in months I have sat down to write anything worth sharing (not random thoughts); what with caring for a newborn and all. Nevertheless, it has been a blissful time despite the odd sleeping hours (or lack thereof) and now that we are officially out of the newborn phase, I can lift my head and breath again! LOL. I am really happy to be back to regular blogging, depending on how much my doubled mom duties will allow. As I had mentioned on my Instagram, I will be sharing some tidbits on mommy stuff inspired by my recent experiences.  For instance, a number of expectant moms, (seriously I probably know 10 ladies who are preggers right now, wow!) first time or not, have been asking for a few pointers on baby shopping. So fasten your belts ladies (and gents?), it’s going to be an exciting mom life ride:) Today, let’s talk about the first thing everyone should do before going baby shopping; creating a baby items checklist.

I still love lists because honestly they keep me as organized as possible, save a lot of time and surprisingly money too. So obviously when it came to shopping for my second baby, I had to look for ways to create a foolproof list that would make my work a lot easier. I think a baby items checklist is the best thing you can do for your time and money.  There are so many lists on these internet streets, and frankly, most of them will confuse you. I know they did confuse me. So I did for you the heavy-lifting, made a few mistakes here and there so you don’t have to, and now I have a tried and tested shopping guide that I think will definitely come through for you. I even had to do internet searches like’ “how many bibs does a newborn really need,” so you can imagine how much time I spent ensuring I was well prepared:) And because I love to save a coin where I can I will also be pointing out cheaper alternatives to some stuff I bought, that can work as well (based on the past few months’ experiences) so you can choose the less expensive route if you want to.

The list

One thing I found interesting while doing shopping for my baby was that dividing up my checklist according to each item’s function made it a lot easier to purchase all I needed without forgetting anything. I made this list inspired by one I found on but tweaked it to suit my lifestyle.

  1. Nursery
  2. Feeding
  3. Grooming & health
  4. Diapering
  5. Baby clothing
  6. Baby gear & toys

Once you write the above, under each function list all the stuff you think you might need. Don’t worry about the cost this is not our final list yet. Then write an approximate cost for each item, for budgeting purposes. Once you start shopping, and especially if you manage to do the whole shopping online as I did, you will be able to write the actual cost of everything and know the exact amount of money you’ll be spending before you order.

Why do you need a baby items checklist?

  1. Going through a complete list will help you decide which items are an absolute necessity and stuff you can do without.
  2. You will find it easier to pick the items you think you will need to buy before the baby is born, and what can wait for say six months.
  3. You can even decide to buy everything and keep if that’s easier for you. It all really depends on your budget and finances.
  4. With a list, it’s easier to figure out what you are willing to splurge on, and where you can do with less expensive alternatives.
  5. If this isn’t your first baby, this list will help you determine what you already have from the first baby that you can re-use, or even if you are getting stuff from a relative etc., the same applies.
  6. If you want to create a registry this list will come in handy; after all, it is so much fun opening baby shower gifts that contain stuff you actually need, right?
  7. And most importantly, a baby items checklist this help you budget accordingly!

On the next post, we’ll delve into each of the areas on the main list, talk about the essentials, the nice to have and stuff you really should not waste your money on. Check in again tomorrow to see all my recommended nursery essentials, including links to where to buy them.  I’m trying to post these each day until we are done so you can get on with your shopping, but obviously, my baby will determine if that will be possible!

Until then, stay elegant!



Creating a baby items checklist

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