White Button Down Shirt

So one of the most popular and common items in almost everyone’s closet, male and female is a white shirt. Now if you are like me and likes to personalize even the most basic piece, you will want a white button down shirt with some character. The shirt I’m featuring today is therefore one that I love especially  one for its neck design and cut.  And one thing I like to do with my white shirts is deviate from the norm. So even when I’m styling them for work, I like to add unexpected pieces just so that my outfit has an individualism and authentic feel to it.

back to basics
My favorite trick is to wear the usual black and white (so in this case black pants) but then add on a pop of color with the blazer. The beauty of layering black and white is that you have so many options to choose from and basically any color can work. So it’s totally possible to add a little oomph to your outfit without working too hard. Basics are supposed to be simple and non-complicated after all.

white button down shirt outfit

The blazer featured on this look is actually a favorite. I haven’t seen such unique color and cut since I got it like two years back so it’s only understandable that I haven’t been able to get over it.  And when you’re looking for something to break the monotony of everyday black and white, what else does it better than this blazer? Also, now that the weather has truly taken a turn for the gloomy road we’ve got to stay warm and fabulous right? So it’s that time again to shop (or closet shop) for fabulous blazers.   I think I’ll be featuring many of them this season, if I stay inspired ?

Thanks for passing by and stay elegant!



back to basics

back to basics

Outfit details

White shirt – Jumia

Black pants – H&M

Blazer – Liberty Loloh Fashion

Shoes – Nine West

Bag – Kilimall

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