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Peponi House - Check out this beautiful place the next time you go to Diani. You can contact them here.

Peponi House – Check out this beautiful place the next time you go to Diani. You can contact them here.

Happy new year guys! I hope you’re having a great start to yet another amazing 365 days. I wish you the very best for 2017 and thank you for being here. So lately, I have been so busy with personal matters, all good ones of course, that I put the blog on hold for a bit. But I’m so glad to be finally back. And super excited about all the things I have in store for you guys this year. I’m working on lots of educative but also fun content and I do hope the blog makes some major strides to inspire you both in fashion and lifestyle. So don’t go anywhere the fun is just about to start!

Today I was going through all these gazillion pictures I took on our recent beach vacation to Diani, Kenya. Man, you have no idea the immense pleasure I feel when I speak of such a beautiful holiday destination in my own country. We had so much fun! Here’s definitely the reason why I’m such an advocate for Kenya. Why go abroad when we have all this beauty in our backyard. (Of course there’s absolutely so much to get from travel, both local and abroad so I’m not saying don’t go abroad but.. you get my point).  I’m so psyched up to share snippets of all the fun I had in these pictures!

This time around we decided to do the complete opposite of what we have done before. Usually when we take a beach vacation, we end up doing a lot of exploring, hiking, kayaking and all kinds of water sports, but this year we decided to just relax and take it all in, spend hours in the pool and appreciate the outdoors. The beach  was as magnificent as always, with its beautiful views and calming breeze. We thought, how about we just stare at the ocean see if we will get bored. Of course we never got bored! Pictures with captions below ??

beach vacation favorite moments diani

Wine, pool, ocean views

beach vacation favorites 4-jpg beach-holiday-favorites-5-jpg


Swimming in the ocean


Swimming in the ocean


Early morning beach strolls

beach vacation favorites becah-holiday-favourite-moments-8-jpg


BBQ by the beach

BBQ by the beach

beach vacation favorite moments


beach holiday favorite moments-9

I was always looking forward to dinner! Our chef was amazing

My crazy family

Home is where my bunch of crazies are ?

tropical vacation favorite moments

Sharing dinner with the wild ?



Watching the sunrise

Watching the sunrise

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Thanks for reading and stay elegant!



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