Alpha Female Blue Crochet Dress 2

My style has always had more hints of classic than trendy. But lately, I’ve realized that as I grow older I’m getting even more drawn to classic feminine styles. Not that I don’t wear jeans and tees every now and then, but I think every time I see a piece with a dressy detail, say crochet, embroidery, lace or any other delicate feature, I just have to have it. So obviously there was no way I’d let this blue crochet dress pass me by seeing that it checks all the boxes in my book of favorites. Crochet is in right now (back from the 70’s), so if you’re one to keep up with trends now is your chance to be both classy and trendy!


It’s funny, when I pre-ordered this dress I was quite worried about the fit once I found out that the fabric doesn’t stretch. Even as I was giving my size I was mentally prepared for alterations. But lo and behold, you would think it was custom made! This is the first dress in a while bought off the rack that didn’t need some tailoring magic before I could wear it. For a non-stretch fabric, the fit is rather impressive.  Add that to the epic fabric quality and I just don’t know what’s not to love about it.

Where would you wear a dress like this you may wonder? Well how about just anywhere that requires some sort of dressing up. Think a fancy event, a wedding perhaps or any sort of engagement really that puts you in the mood to look your best! And every now and then we all want a dress that gives our femininity all the power, right?  I for one know I’ll be looking for excuses to rock this one quite often. If you need such feminine pieces in your closet the store I got this one from have loads of similar styles! And ladies keep celebrating your femininity it’s an amazing thing ?

Thanks for passing by and stay elegant! Outfit details below ??




Shop the look:

Blue crochet dress: Alpha Female Assembles

Heels: Primark

Purse: Wardrobe Staples

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  1. U look wonderful in this dress. So elegant and glamorous. I love the last two pics- the dress looks so sexy from the back. 😉 x x

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