Blue Floral Maxi Dress

So lately, I have come to accept the fact that I don’t like cold weather very much. So much so that when I see the initial signs of our East African winter coming through, I keep hoping that I’ll have at least one more day of sunshine before all goes dull and gloomy. But lately, I have discovered a foolproof way to transition into this weather or escape it for a bit. When I have some time to spare, I’ll seek a quick escape from the city. The EA coast with its warmer weather is always a good idea. blue floral summer maxi dress

So recently, when I was planning this kind of a quick getaway I realized that I actually do have a perfect outfit for the weekend, thanks to FigureStyle Boutique! Maxi floral dresses have always been for me the kind that you ideally wear when on a tropical holiday. It’s weird because try as I might to rock a casual maxi dress when in the city it just doesn’t give me the kind of vibe I’m looking for. So, coastal towns, sunset, beach strolls etc always equals a maxi dress! This pretty blue floral maxi dress, therefore, fits so well into this equation.

blue summer maxi dress outfit

These pictures are from my recent shoot for FigureStyle’s new collection featured in a recent post, and until now this is my favorite way of styling this dress. The Anne Klein tote bag also available at the same store is the perfect complementing accessory for this dress. Add these simple black sandals and voila, we have the perfect summer outfit.blue floral maxi dress

So the next time you want to be like me and escape to the coast and pretend Nairobi is not freezing for just the weekend, make sure this maxi dress is the first thing you pack, and you won’t regret it. The tote bag also is a perfect travel/weekender bag which will double up as your errand bag at the coast as illustrated in this post from a while back. Hope you get a chance to escape the city this or any other weekend soon!blue floral maxi dress outfit


Thanks for reading and stay elegant!



More pictures and outfit details ??

blue floral maxi dress

Maxi dress and Anne Klein tote bag: FigureStyle Boutique Kilimani

Sandals: Bev Collections

Watch: Anne Klein|Nordstrom

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  1. Aww I hope ur weather is as good as it can be. U could always visit Englad, the weather is quite nice here and warm too for a change! TBH I had no idea the weather was bad as u look very hot in this dress. 😉 U look stunning and I love the colour as well as that sexy v neck. Ur smile is beautiful. 😉 x x x

    1. Always appreciate your kind words! I did the shoot on a day with a few hours of sunshine but now it’s all cold and gloomy. Well it’s not as nasty as your winters but not the best either!

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