Yellow Sweater Outfit

So earlier this week I was thinking of how sometimes life can get so bleak that it feels ambitious and even a little audacious to dare hope for better days. You may have seen a caption on my Instagram to the tune of that. Truth is,  some days aren’t as good as others and that’s okay. And probably this year most of us have had more than our fair share of the bad ones. I know for sure personally, this year has left me vulnerable and often scared to look ahead. But, what’s life without a little audacity? What then do we have left if we don’t dare to plan, to hope, to dream again, even after experiences where things went horribly wrong? If we don’t have that then we lose the magic, and if we want to continue being around, we do need the magic. Or at least this is how my self-therapy sessions go like in my head hah! I’m curious to know if you ever have such sessions 🙂

This festive season, for instance, has required a little coaxing from me to me. But no matter how un-festive I might feel I’m making some effort. To demonstrate to the little ones the magic of Christmas, of sharing gifts, and spending time with loved ones where possible. I’m daring to share some excitement for the New Year with all the great possibilities it surely must bring. I’m daring to hope for a better year, daring to plan for a normal life, set resolutions, pursue goals, and hope to live life like it was intended. This whole pandemic business might have tried and succeeded in messing up most of our plans and hopes for 2020 but plan we still shall, for 2021. And we will look forward to it. 

I guess all my wordy self is trying to say is, I do wish you genuinely happy holidays and a wonderful New Year. Here’s to hoping for days as bright as my yellow sweater, which has definitely inspired my mood and this post. And with how the weather can’t make up its mind lately, I thought I’d take the chance to share some style inspiration for when it gets cool. Meanwhile, stay elegant folks! And safe. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!



Bright yellow sweater outfit
bright yellow sweater outfit
Bright yellow days
cozy yellow sweater

Outfit details:

Yellow sweater and sandals : Mango

Pants: Same as here

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