The Elegant Lane My Style Country Girl Outfit

the elegant lane my style country girl outfitAs I write this, I can hear the vivid chirping of the birds outside. It is the best background music I’ve heard in a while. Here I could write a whole book without coffee. That’s just how soothing country life is for me.  I woke up to catch the sunrise but it was a bit cloudy. Can’t complain though because I got to enjoy the cleanest, freshest air I’ve felt in a while. And the singing of the birds was the first thing I heard today. I could get used to this. After all I am a true born country girl.

The sunrise and sunset are a sight to behold; they seem a little exaggerated. Have you watched Out of Africa? That sunset is real. The landscape is the kind that gets you feeling a special kind of grace. And then there’s the green. Everything here is green. The grass is on another level of green lushness. The trees have the right shades of color. When it rains, it’s like the skies are releasing all that is good and right, and letting it all rest in one place. And have you experienced the delicious smell of rain in the country? It’s magical.  Here rain means beauty, prosperity, peace. Not a 24-hour traffic nightmare. Everything is calm, it’s serene, it’s perfect. And the country girl is happy to once again experience the joys of country living.

Last evening, we decided to go into the town. A little bit of shopping, sneak into a coffee shop, perhaps find a place with decent music. And dinner. Adventure. Listen to the country sounds. Enjoy the country night air. And of course this perfect country girl outfit came in handy. Basic blue jeans paired with a simple black tank top and black leather boots. Partly because it was a rather chilly and mostly because it is a style statement, I threw on this long open knit cardigan that I think gives any look however casual an elegant appeal. After all a girl should always stay elegant in even in the country, right? Seriously though I don’t think I’m going back to the city ever again. I’m home 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and stay elegant. XX

Outfit details:

Long knit cardigan – Liberty Loloh

Jeans – Levi’s

Boots – Jumia Kenya

Purse – Coach (Old Collection)

Black Top – Kolh’s

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country living 21

the elegant lane my style country living 3

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the elegant lane my style country living 10

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country life

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