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Mauritian Fabric 6

mauritian fabric 6

Every stylist needs a designer friend. I am lucky to have several fashionably talented people in my life and one of such is this French guy who got so smitten by the beauty of the Mauritius Island that he refused to go back home 🙂 Anyway, I will definitely revisit the issue of my French home deserter friend but today let’s talk about one the reasons this guy is special, his immensely talented designer eye.

So I’m chilling one Saturday morning and a WhatsApp message comes in, I open to see a picture of a gorgeous turquoise lace dress… or so I think. I love the special color and design but I have always had this fear of lace, the fabric just can’t seem to hold it together. And as much as I love it sometimes I find that adding more lace pieces to my wardrobe will only add on to headache so one of my stylista resolutions this year is to stay away from lace for a while. So I text Andre back saying how I love the color but hope it’s not mine because I can’t deal with lace right now. And the guy goes, yes it is yours and no it is not lace! It’s embroidery. Huh?! Of course the rest as they say is history. The dress was mailed the following day, and what a pleasant surprise it was to confirm that true it wasn’t lace at all.

Oh and the beauty of trying it on and it fitting so perfectly. The turquoise is so magical against my skin color. I doubt  I will be buying clothes anymore; I could just leave everything to him to design! This guy just gets the whole gist of right measurements, fabric, color and what they mean for an outfit. Now I can rock a faux lace dress and not care about the fabric falling apart literally after three washes. (Unless you’re being extra careful and who has the time to care for clothes that much. Definitely not me). But with this dress I don’t have to. The fabric is way stronger than is looks. I have tried a few close ups so you can see the intricate elegant work that went into its making 🙂 Talk about having your lacey cake and eating it.

I thought of pairing it with black accessories (you know because of the neck part and the belt) but when I tried the nude with gold accents I realized they work better with the color, they bring out the elegance of the fabric better. The little belt came with the dress and it’s perfect for that waist cinch. Couldn’t ask for better friends. And also, I couldn’t ask for a better personal person, who I later discovered had seen this fabric and picked it out for me and had Andre make the dress way before that Saturday morning surprise. It’s the little things in life I tell you. They end up being a really big deal. Ain’t a girl lucky?  By the way if you would like details of how to get this and more Mauritian fabrics please let me know and I will put you in touch with my designer.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the pictures! (Home photography with little brother)XX

PS:  Weirdest thing happened, for a while I couldn’t access my site fortunately it wasn’t hacked just a glitch of sorts.. Anyway I’m back now and hope to be posting often. Sorry about the silence guys!

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