The Elegant Lane Whats Trending Trendy Picks For The Cold Season

the elegant lane whats trending trendy picks for the cold seasonThe cold season is here again (if you are in East Africa that is ) and if our usual weather patterns is anything to go by, it’s about to get worse. I love the cold season mainly because it’s the time of year I get to be my most fashionable self (or so I believe anyway haha). Trench coats, boots, knits, fur etc have always been at the top of my street fashion fabulosity list and any excuse to rock them is always welcome. Actually, being a person who does not pay much attention to trends in general, I must say that fall trends are the only pieces that intrigue me on the runway. Not so much so that I can follow them to the letter, but to get ideas on fashionable ways to wear pieces that are mostly already in my closet. So as I have been doing probably for the past four years, this year I went through all the looks from Fashion Week including the ready to wear collections from my favourite designers (if I can afford them 🙂 and I’m sharing with you my top ten picks for trendy pieces I think anyone can rock this cold season. So let’s have some fun and hope you get a few ideas.

The Bomber Jacket

the elegant lane whats trending bomber jacket

Having become quite popular last year, the bomber jacket is here again and it seems to be going nowhere. And it is fabulous. Whether you decide to dress it up or keep it casual, there is no denying that this fashion’s favourite jacket will lend your outfit that  je ne sais quoi you’re looking for. I’m looking forward to sharing an outfit in mine 🙂

Pretty Skirts

the elegant lane whats trending pretty skirts

From metallic looks, maxi florals, plaid, pretty prints, leather and wrap skirts that look great with boots as I wore it on this post a while back, you will realise that you absolutely need not wear slacks all the time during the cold season. So experiment, get creative and wear your pretty skirts with style and comfort.

Capes and Capelets

the elegant lane whats trending capes and capeletsThe effortless chic vibe that is acquired by wearing a cape cannot be denied. They’ve been around for a while and now capelets are in as well. For the days  you only need minimal coverage and still get like the trendy allure that comes with wearing a cape, try a capelet (mini cape) . You stay warm and still as stylish as you intended. Problem solved !

Flared pants are back

the elegant lane whats trending wide leg pants

Last year flared and wide leg pants were already a thing. What’s amazing with this year’s trend though is the versatility the looks are coming with giving you  a chance to rock them fashionably even in formal settings. A welcome trend for your office looks, these flared pants that are super easy to find and even easier to dress will give you the fashionable pick me up you need to beat the cold.

Fur stoles are a thing

the elegant lane whats trending fur stolesNow seen in several ready to wear collection and also readily available in Kenyan fashion retail stores, throw on your (faux) fur scarf on any get-up and change your entire look.

The Puffer Coat

the elegant lane whats trending the puffer coat

Who knew that you can so effortlessly get both warmth and style in the same look. Puffer coats are back and now in the most interesting colors and hues, patterns and cool add-ons. I just remembered I owned a puffer coat in high school 🙂 Gotta check if it still fits lol!

Knits and More Knits

the elegant lane whats trending knitsSo comforting, warm and stylish, knits have been in style for a while and they aren’t going anywhere. See more interesting ways to wear yours this season.

Choker Scarfs

the elegant lane whats trending choker scarves

Out with the already popular choker trend (I never liked them much anyway) , and in in with choker scarfs. This has to be the coolest trend in town. I love how comfortable it looks.

All Velvet

the elegant lane whats trending velvetYes! Velvet, that luxurious fabric that you thought was gone for good is back on the runway and in ready to wear collections of Fall 2016. So go pull out yours from whence you’d thrown it, dust it up and wear it with authority. I know I will.

Florals and Brights

The elegant lane whats trending florals and neonsIt is no longer a fashion faux pas to wear bright colors in fall. Neons are back, only now worn in small doses and a  subtle way, mixed with neutrals. Unusual colour block is also a thing, like yellow and pink. Florals are everywhere from dresses to coats.  So go wild with colors and brighten your spirits on any cold dull day.

Hoping you will try at least one of these trends soon, thank you for reading and stay elegant. XX

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