Full Skirt Obsession


I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds a full skirt so sophisticated and elegant. The only problem is that the pretty ones that everyone wants to own aren’t as easy to find as we would like. So when I came across this skirt I knew I was in for an obsessive phase. I mean what’s not to like about its perfection? The print is gorgeous, so is the cut, and the fit is just perfect.


However, I think an even more attractive fact about a full skirt is how versatile it can be. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or your style/preference. Full skirts go as well with crop tops or a T-shirt just as they do with a button down shirt, fancy top or a tailored blouse. So believe me, having a full skirt in your wardrobe is a huge plus, it basically belongs to those wardrobe essentials you hear about.  I was going for something a bit unconventional with the peplum top and I’m glad it all came together well enough. Full confession, I might find it hard to stay away from this skirt for a while ?

More pics and outfit details ??


elegant-full-skirt elegant-full-skirt-outfit elegant-full-skirt-outfit-1 full-skirt-obsession-3 full-skirt-obsession-4 full-skirt-obsession-5 full-skirt-outfit full-skirt-outfit-3 red-print-full-skirt-outfit

I got the skirt from The House of Fashion Nairobi, the peplum top from Miss Kerre Fashions, shoes from Unique Accessories and the little black bag from Kilimall

Wishing you a great week and thanks for stopping by! Stay Elegant!



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