Black Flared Pants Puff Sleeve Top
Black flared pants with black puff sleeve top
Black flared pants with black puff sleeve top

Hey guys, long time no blog. Yes, I know. If you’ve been an avid reader and follower of this space I’m truly sorry for disappearing on you. For reasons that I may not be able to discuss right now, I had to take a break from blogging for more than a year. It actually has nothing to do with the pandemic but its presence has not been inspirational either. Anyway if you follow my social (which I only came back to recently), you might have an idea of why I had to be more present elsewhere and could just not have the right energy and mental capacity to blog. 

But, I really hope life hasn’t been so rough on you despite these pandemic ridden times and that you’ve found some joy and peace in the new normal. I hope that Covid 19 didn’t come too close home and if it did, I’m sending you all the love, all the prayers, and all the good vibes to deal. Hoping that 2021 won’t be as testing to us all. 

I thought that with the kind of spirit uplifting December is supposed to do, despite this not being a typical December, I’d come back to this space and share a style post with you guys, in the hope of bringing in some creative joy to us all. So I put together this fun look with some of my closet faves right now, these black flared pants that go with literally everything, and this flirty puff-sleeve top that doesn’t go with a lot of things. But they did go perfectly well together. I added my white sandal heels for some flair, and this little cute fuchsia bag as a pop of color.

I thought that this might be a great outfit for a cocktail event if you find yourself in one of those. Of course don’t forget your mask, and only attend events that are absolutely necessary and Covid 19 prevention measures compliant!

Hoping to be able to post more style inspiration going forward. Thanks for stopping by and stay elegant.  (Despite the pandemic). And safe!

Love and light,


Black flared pants with black puff sleeve top style
Black flared pants with black puff sleeve top styling ideas
Black flared pants with black puff sleeve top
Black flared pants with black puff sleeve top style ideas

Outfit details:

Black flared pants: House of Fashion Nairobi

Black puff sleeve top: Fleek London

Mini Bag: A New Day (gifted) but you can get a similar one here

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