How to Wear Pastels

How To Wear Pastels


how to wear pastels

A few days ago I was working on a maternity shoot and we got to work with a lot of pastels and demure colors. There is a certain sweet vibe around a preggo girl and I thought the pastels would be perfect to bring that out. Also because our backdrop was the beach (and the ocean). Of course pastel colors are great for that feminine angelic look that most pregnant women have but looking at the outcome of the pictures got me thinking that clearly anyone can rock these colors with a little guidance. Hence the inspiration source for this post.  I know a lot of people shy off wearing pastels because if not done well they can look washed out and not too flattering against the skin especially for us women of color. So these tips are especially for black girls to learn how to combine pastels and come out looking truly chic and stylish with little effort.

I put together this look with pretty much all the pastel outfit ideas in mind. So you need not wear them exactly as I did; just use these few pointers to guide you the right direction.

Pastels with Neutrals

Of course when in doubt wear black. It is the epitome of chic and in most cases a quite easy color to pull off. So if you are looking to add some edge to your pastel hues, black is your neutral color of choice. For a bright spring look, opt for white instead.

Pastels with Pastels

Of course in different hues. I paired the light pink boyfriend blazer with light grey shoes and a muted grey-blue bag.  The same shades are on my tribal print top. That’s how I achieved a perfectly balanced outfit.  Of course the bright pink lipstick was for color-pop purposes 🙂

Monochromatic Pastels

Another way to wear pastels is to wear the same color all through. However you have got to choose your color carefully to avoid a bland outfit that makes you look like you didn’t dress up at all! Light pink, baby-blue, lavender and mauve are perfect for this combination, especially in a one piece outfit i.e jumpsuit or dress. To add some dimension to your outfit, accessorize with a darker shade of the same color family, for instance a bag or a belt.

Pair with Print

Be it floral, tribal or stripes, pairing pastels with prints gives your outfit the stylish edge you’re looking for. For balance have hints of your pastel color in the prints.

Hope you have fun trying out these tips!how to wear pastels

Outfit details:

Blazer :  Jumia

Skirt: Sharuz

Top: Mr.Price

Boots : Forever 21 sold in Kenya by Shix Wardrobe

Bag: Azzuri

how to wear pastels

how to wear pastels


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