Inside My Surprise Baby Shower
Inside my surprise baby shower

At Argenti Restaurant & Lounge, Riverside.

So this past weekend my family and friends got me good! I actually still don’t believe that they planned a baby shower behind my back, for months, and I was completely clueless. Yeah, guys, I told you pregnancy brain is real. Because for someone who is so aware of her surroundings, there is no other way I can explain how they pulled this off! Have you ever been so surprised that your first reaction is to literally turn around and run away because, hell no, the brain has refused to handle what’s happening? Hahaha. That’s exactly what happened to me on Saturday. And hubby was in on it all, bless his soul. All that sneaking around must have been hectic for him! I thought I was going for lunch with one person, and I walked in on a freaking party! Well, how about that.

Inside my surprise baby shower

Mouth still agape, literally! Before I changed into my occasion dress 🙂

Anyway, after I calmed down and was able to process what was happening, which took a while, I realized that these awesome humans had thrown for me a surprise baby shower. And boy was it a gorgeous shower. The color choice, the venue by the pool and the décor was just perfect. The whole Valentine’s theme made it even more special, this being the month of love and all that!  I truly did and still do feel loved.

Inside my baby shower

What a gorgeous and delicious cake.

Drinks and food choices were so well thought through seeing that they even remembered to include some delicious spare pork ribs, (my husband is so thoughtful lol) which are a current craving of mine! And the ladies all looked gorgeous in their white and red dress code! They even bought me a dress that actually fit! It’s things such as these that make you realize and appreciate just how much your people actually get you. And to say that’s a blessing is an understatement.

Also, cupcakes!

Inside my surprise baby shower

Decor, setup, excellent.

We had loads of fun sharing stories, information, advice and even got to play some cool games. And I obviously had so much fun opening the gifts because who doesn’t love gifts! This has got to be one of the most fun afternoons I have had in a while. I’m so grateful to everyone who participated and made this special day a success. When people go to such lengths to celebrate your baby, you gotta recognize that they do matter, a lot. Everything was truly top-notch, really elegant, a kind of baby shower I would love all my friends to experience and I’m happy to share this experience with you guys, albeit virtually. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing, and this coming from a control freak like me is a big deal.

Hope you enjoy these select photos from the event!

Thanks for passing by and stay elegant!



inside my surprise baby shower

Inside my surprise baby shower

Mommas 🙂

Trying to guess who brought what gift was so much fun!

Inside my surprise baby shower

Inside my surprise baby shower

So many gifts!

inside my surprise baby shower

They wouldn’t stop feeding me!

Inside my surprise baby shower

This calm, beautiful and serene venue made the day even more special

Inside my surprise baby shower

So dedicated! Bless such friends.

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  1. Woow…..having such special people in your life is such a blessing… This I can read and reread hundred times..the words and photos makes one feel like they were physically present… There is some warmth in the article…I love the gal power too…Dottie am wishing you much love far and beyond..beautiful…

  2. Am happy you appreciated it Dottie, you are one humble, loving, kind and generous girl. You actually deserve nothing but the best.

  3. You are a blessing and letting us all have more than half a day with you was such a great gesture. I have not met such a happy lot in many many years. You rock lady. Cheers to all the gals.

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