Little Reminders For My Soul

Hey there, today let’s talk about my most recent read; a little book with a profound message. I’m writing about this book to ensure you guys don’t miss out on the beautiful message it carries. It’s the kind of book that surprises you with suggestions that seem so simple and obvious that you even wonder, how did I not think of this? But that’s when you realize this is exactly the point, these are reminders, the kind of stuff you think you’d not overlook but often do. So you keep this little book close and refer to it whenever you need a pick me up, because in all its 26 pages, it’s got lessons for a lifetime. It’s got a wealth of wisdom that I’d like to challenge you to explore for yourself!

The writer, a lecturer at Kenyatta University (yaay alumna here ?) and a friend, actually told me that her ideal audience for this book was the high-school kids. Funny thing is everyone in my family, from my preteen daughter to my parents did read it and resonated with it. So maybe it’s best to say it may have been written for teens and young adults but ended up encompassing information that people of different ages could relate with and appreciate. She calls it a gift that keeps on giving and I agree. So I’m writing this post (review sorta of), not only as a self reminder of the things this book has taught me, but also my own way of sharing my point of view hoping it will help or inspire you in some way. After all books are to be shared in all ways possible right? So here goes my takeaways from Little Reminders for my Soul.

Be accountable to yourself

The author talks in detail about prioritizing the right stuff, valuing the time we’ve been given and valuing one’s work despite how mundane it may seem. And this got me thinking about the importance of being accountable to myself and the people that depend on me. To ask myself questions like, is this really the most important thing that I could be doing right now? Is this the best way for me to achieve this goal? Does my work, of whatever kind, make a difference for anyone else? Does it impact positively on another person other than me? With questions like this I’m able to remember what’s truly important, to know when I have done my best and to know the things that I am truly in control of, that I can use to effect change either in my life or for those around me.

Living outside the box

This is probably one of my favorite lessons because it’s something I have lived in conviction of for a long time, and it’s basically how I live my life. So to find such a reminder that it is indeed okay to refuse to be categorized in a specific box, and to spread my wings and do the things I am gifted to do was exhilarating. How liberating it is to use your creativity to go out there and do whatever you set your mind to! And why should anyone say you can’t do it? You can be a career woman, a mom, a business person, a creative writer, a fashion enthusiast, a farmer, all in one. Or not! You can also choose to focus on one of those things and do it better than anyone who’s ever lived. You can choose to marry or remain single. You can choose to have kids or not! You can choose to reject tribal politics for instance, and associate with whomever you please. Who is anyone to tell you what you can and can’t do? As long as it’s legal, not hurting you or anyone else, nourishes your soul and improves your life, go on and be all things you’re capable of being. Only live up to your expectations not anyone else’s. And make choices based on the consequences that you know you can handle. That’s all.

Don’t let go of your dreams

In our day to day lives, we get so sucked into the routineness of it all that we sometimes don’t notice when the light starts to dwindle. If we aren’t careful, that light will eventually flicker one last time and die. Reading this book reminded me of just how powerful my mind is and I will refer to it time and again if I forget this important lesson. Knowing that for sure you are in command of your destiny is not motivational speakers’ mumbo jumbo but an actual fact. If you know you are what you think, then you will only think good thoughts. You will not let go of the dreams you’ve had, dreams that enabled you to set goals that you are now working to achieve. Because if you stop dreaming, if you start believing that the thing you once thought you deserved so much isn’t yours anymore, then truly what’s the point of life? What’s the point of all the hard work and the sacrifices if you don’t pause for a moment to look behind and ahead, to see how far you’ve come and how far you are capable of going? It might sound so cliché but boy is it true. No matter how ludicrous, please don’t ever let go of your dreams. Despair is no good for your soul. Peace of mind, abundant joy and a sense of contentment that only comes from living right, that’s the stuff that’s good for your soul.

Hope you pick this one up and find your lessons too! It costs only Ksh 200 but its contents are invaluable! It will also be available on Kindle soon.

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