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I remember the summer of 2014, sitting in a conference hall of a resort in Disney-world, courtesy of Zawadi Africa, where I first learned a humbling lesson on the power of gratitude and grace. A truly gracious woman who happens to be one of my role models, shared an intimate experience with a group of younger women, on Skype actually since she couldn’t travel the US. She must also have sacrificed her sleep to talk to us considering the time difference. I cannot speak with certainty on her motive but judging from her character, I can speculate.  She must have hoped her message would change the thinking of the few women in that room, and in turn change the world. (Remember ‘changing oneself is changing the world’). Luckily I was listening and it changed mine. Also, that day she not only taught me with her words but with her actions and demeanor as well. Something beautiful dawned on me, and since then, I go through life willing myself to always be gracious in dealing with all situations. Even in the face of adversity, I will seek fortitude. I will muster the strength to step outside the situation, and often when I look for the positive, there I will find my solution. And even when it is something that I have no control of, that attitude enables me to make sense of it all and be grateful for everything that didn’t go wrong.Gratitude has for instance helped me stay sane when, just at the start of a new year, I had a minor accident that left me quite challenged in the mobility department. So not being able to move around as I wanted, with all the responsibilities and hustles I needed to run, (God bless the hustle :)) did depress me a little. Heck I still can’t even do a simple photoshoot. Surgery and doctor appointments aren’t much fun either. But then I had to give myself a reality check. While I was shamelessly worrying about a temporary situation, just two months of having to use one leg, there is someone whom this life is their reality. They aren’t waiting to wake up from the nightmare neither are they waiting to get better. They have accepted it as it is and mostly gone on to life a fully fulfilled life. Yet here I am whining about a few months of sitting at home. So I took a hard look at the situation and decided to seek the point of gratitude. And this is what I learned:

Count your blessings

In my case it could’ve been worse but it wasn’t. And even if it had been, it really never gets to the worst, you know? As long as you’re alive, that is. I was able to appreciate the fact that I had people around who cared enough to support me in all the ways I needed it.

There are other ways to be productive, explore them

See, I like to write. I like to tell a story or give an opinion, and probably influence someone’s thinking. So I figured, how about I explore that potential, at least on days that the pain meds aren’t messing with my sleeping routine? Why not sit down and write a few things?

View adversity as a blessing in disguise.

I got a chance to take a break and also harness my writing smarts, why not take it. See, life gave me lemons and here we go… lemonade anyone? Seriously though, learn the art of gratitude. It’s the only way to get through tough stuff. And when things get better, that same attitude will push you to maximize your potential. You will value opportunities more and push yourself to the heights you deserve.

PS: I hope to go start posting new outfits soon but meanwhile, stick around for other conversations you might find interesting ? and once all this is over we’ll gladly go back to having some stylish fun.

Thanks for being here!



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