Love Redefined
Love redefined

Lately, I’ve been marveling at how this pandemic era has changed so many ways that we are used to expressing love. One-on-one hangouts with the freedom to touch, hug, sit close. Being able to immediately engulf our children and loved ones in hugs and kisses the moment we walk through the door after a long day, without having to first jump into the shower and change. Remember the days we would miss our friends and just call for a quick coffee and catch up, or if we didn’t, the excuse was not the risk of catching Covid?

Clearly a few of us have had to learn new love languages. Like checking in often through phone calls (I have always disliked phone calls myself for instance and I’m trying hard to do better at this). Sending texts, sending gift bags, flowers, etc. as ways to show those we can’t be with that we still care. Being OK with not seeing that new baby or attending that birthday party. But at the end of the day, the willingness to go to such lengths, to go against our innate need to socialize,  to protect not only ourselves but others is a show of great love, even if it may seem not. I don’t know about you but I’m honestly real proud of people still observing Covid 19 preventative guidelines and taking care not to get infected or infect others. Keep up the good work and we will beat this thing. 

Obviously, my outfit today has inspired this whole rant about love but how could it not though? This lovely tee is my go-to casual pick-me-up item. It literally changes my whole mood whenever I wear it, regardless of what I pair it with. So jeans work pretty great mostly. I threw on this blazer that makes everything look a bit more put together and my everyday bag. Yes, I know I am wearing blue sunglasses which is so unlike me but I’m trying this new thing so indulge me lol! I actually love them though. My shoes are one of the two pairs I probably wear every day so no big story there. 

How are you guys doing? Excited for the holidays or eagerly awaiting 2020 to just leave us alone? I must admit I’m stuck between the two myself. Above all, I do hope you’re taking care of yourselves both physically and mentally.

Thanks for reading and stay elegant.



love heart t-shirt outfit
Love heart t-shirt outfit
Love redefined
love redefined
Love redefined

Outfit details:

Top: House of Fashion Nairobi

Jeans: LC Waikiki

Blazer: The Matte Parlour

Bag: Louis Vuitton (Gifted)

Shoes: Nike

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (Scuderia Ferrari Collection)

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