Ankara Print Dress

Red Ankara dress

I’m the kind of person who finds it hard to blindly put my trust in someone to know exactly what I want. This applies to all aspects of my life, fashion included. For instance, I will not purchase any piece of clothing without trying it numerous times and formulating a plan in my head on how I will style it. If online, I will go through the description time and again. So obviously blind shopping is never in the cards for me.

You can, therefore, imagine my apprehension and worry, amid obvious excitement, when the director of Fuse It Clothing, who also happens to be an old friend, called me up and said they would love to make me a dress! Fuse It Clothing makes clothes using the Ankara fabric and literally “fusing” it with other fabrics. I had seen some of their pieces before and loved their work but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the plunge to have an Ankara outfit custom made, you know? But then I came across this really pretty fabric they had posted and I fell in love! All I said was I’d love something in this fabric, don’t care what, get creative. The rest was up to her. And then she went to work. By the time she was done (in three short days), I felt so understood! Boy, did she exceed my expectations! She knew exactly what I needed.

red ankara dress outfit

So here are some pictures of this pretty dress. I actually got it late last year (you may have seen it on my Instagram stories) but didn’t get a chance to wear it until last weekend. Styling this piece was so easy because, by itself, it’s already extra, right? Perfect dress for a birthday party I’d say. Now I’m more inclined to try more Ankara and other African fabric pieces. Fuse It Clothing I hope you’re listening 🙂

Red Ankara print dress

Also, I know it’s been ages since I did a blog post, and I hope you didn’t get tired of checking. I have however been active on my social pages so if you’re not part of that family please follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Working on posting more here as well. Until next time, stay elegant.



Ankara fabric dress outfit

Ankara dress

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