Maternity Style Tips For The Holidays

maternity style tips for the holidaysThe first time I was pregnant I was in college, weighed down by exams and deadlines, concerned about my capability to be a mom and generally not having any time of day to think about what to wear. So I obviously triumphed over all that, got the most precious gift, a child, a degree and a kick start to a PR career. And later I got on the path I had always wanted and I can dare say I’m living my best life. Not because it’s perfect but because it’s full, and I choose to see the full side of it every day. To now afford the luxury of thinking about what to wear during this second pregnancy and share a few maternity style tips with other mommas to be is, therefore, a big deal for me.

Of course, not much has changed in terms of finding life balance. No one has it all figured out all the time. The struggles may be of a completely different kind, but they are still there. Entrepreneur life, chasing personal timelines and life goals can be overwhelming. Couple that with bouts of “momnesia”, insomnia, hormone-induced fatigue and random muscle aches and you realize I probably just got better at handling stuff, it’s not that it got easier. But I’m I complaining? Far from it! My heart is full even beyond the tired eyes and aching body. And that’s why I embrace any moment I find to actually feel pretty and dress up! As long as the body allows, I will continue doing photo-shoots and sharing both non-maternity and maternity style tips because what is life without a little passion?

maternity style tips for the holidaysIn that spirit therefore, I thought I’d share with you guys a few of my current maternity style tips; basically some hacks I’m learning as days go by. This was inspired by the new collection review I recently did for Figurestyle and found myself having to think a bit harder when it comes to styling clothes, something that used to come to me so naturally before. Obviously, the body changes dictate comfort first, but because I’m still the style conscious person you know I gotta find a way to incorporate both style and comfort. Hoping the below tips will be of help to someone.


maternity style tips for the holidaysmaternity style tips for the holidaysTransitioning from heels which you must know I live for was not as easy in the beginning. A lot of times I’d dress up for an important meeting and feel like my outfit wasn’t complete just because I hadn’t yet added a pair of heels. But slowly I learned that closed flats are just as chic as long as you stick to neutral colors and go for demure but not boring styles. As for my dressy days, block heeled sandals are currently my best friends and I am glad my wardrobe has that in abundance. With a block heel, I find my balance perfect and I feel safe from accidents despite the shift in my center of gravity… And I will wear these only if I won’t be on my feet for long, of course. Case in point, the shoes used on this post are really comfortable and it was fun choosing the right color that would go perfectly with each of these holiday dresses. Obviously, you can only go as far as you feel comfortable so if even a bit of height is not for you, ditch the blocks for flats.


maternity style tips for the holidaysAs I had mentioned before on my Facebook, fitted dresses are still my day to day clothes of choice. If I need to layer then I will go for a sleeveless blazer, kimono or sweater for casual wear and a structured blazer for formal wear. Of course on the days I want to dress up, for the holidays for instance,  then I will go all out with luxe fabrics, cute colors and ruffles, this time concentrating more on actually looking like I put in some effort. Because with pregnancy you can sometimes look like you’ve let yourself go and I’m not about that life haha. An example of a dressed up maternity look is the dresses I’m featuring here today. Also remember, if you have to buy a new dress, ensure you can use it post pregnancy and that it is breastfeeding friendly thus killing two birds with one stone.maternity style tips for the holidays


I will do a comprehensive post on my experience with maternity style pants but for now let me say, if it doesn’t sit below your belly, let it be able to go completely over the bump. Anything in between is just downright uncomfortable. I’ll talk about the kind of tops you can style with pants when pregnant in my next post which will be up in the first week of 2018.

Thanks for stopping by today and for the support you’ve shown me over the years. Wishing you a merry Chrismas and a happy new year. Let’s interact on social media for the remaining days of 2017… Stay elegant!



Scroll down for more pics and detailsmaternity style tips for the holidaysmaternity style tips for the holidays ty style tips for the holidaysmaternity style tips for the holidays maternity style tips for the holidays

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