Minimalist Work Wear 2
Minimalist work wear

Go minimalist, because simplicity is elegance.

Minimalist outfit There are those days that you just don’t feel like jumping through hoops to look presentable. Times that you just want to get away with not putting too much thought into what you wear, and still look like a stylista because we are all about that life right? Haha. Anyway we all have those days. In fact those are the normal days for normal people. So it comes as a relief to know that embracing the minimalist style will so effortlessly give you a perfect, refreshing,  ‘together’ look, with some of the most accessible pieces in the fashion world.

Loud colors, overly-detailed pieces and over the top accessories may not be easy on the eye all the time. The appeal of simple structured pieces in demure muted tones and neutral palettes is rather undeniable. My personal style actually leans most to the minimalist side and I have discovered that if I just got dressed without putting much thought into it, you would almost always find me in shades of nude, black and white and earthy tones, sometimes with a single dash of color and putting more focus on the cut, the fabric texture and type. So lately I have decided to embrace this side of me and see where the path leads. After all, elegance is found in the simplest of forms.

Also, as a stylist, I find that encouraging first time clients to embrace the minimalist style is the surest way for them to discover and transform their personal style. Because alas, minimalism is really for everyone. And in case you were wondering how to wear straight wide-leg pants at work, here is an idea. Scroll down for more pictures and outfit details.

As always thanks so much for being here. Stay elegant. xx

Minimalist outfit Minimalist work wear Minimalist outfit minimalist work wear 4 minimalist work wear

minimalist work wear 1Shop the look:

Cream shirt with gold collar : Jumia

Black Pants : Jumia

Nude purse : Jumia

Nude T strap sandals – Nine West

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