My 2015 Lessons for the New Year

New Year

new year

Happy new year guys! So I just had the most relaxing vacation I’ve taken in a while, and I’m now back refreshed and super excited about 2016. The vacation gave me a chance to reflect on a few things that I’m happy to share with you. You see, I like to do things a little different when it comes to a new year. Because I do like to stick to my measurable goals, which may not necessarily fall under the new year. So resolutions tend to be a bit impractical. But one thing I have known to be true is that the end of every year brings with it new lessons, and it doesn’t hurt to reflect and figure out some lessons you can take away from this year’s experiences that may make your new year better. I think of it as an opportunity for growth. So as we usher in the new year let me share with you my top ten lessons that I got out of 2015 and who knows, they might be of help to you too.

  1. Give things time and don’t panic. No matter how sticky the situation you find yourself in, time and patience does have a way of fixing stuff.
  2. Know those that you call your people well enough before you rely on them. Know those who will have your back. Some say they’re your people but in the end they fail you. And that doesn’t mean they are bad, they just don’t know what loyalty means. So know the difference.
  3. Some things may take so long to happen that you get tempted to lose hope, but do not. What you need to happen, if you put in the right kind of effort, and be patient, will happen.
  4. When the deal is too good, think twice. And if a promise is made and not kept, start looking elsewhere. Sometimes you may waste too much time counting on promises. Be smart enough to know when to stick around and when to move on to something else. And this applies to everything; relationships, career, business etc.
  5. Celebrate success as you deserve, but learn from your failures with the same enthusiasm. And while you are learning, don’t forget to dream even bigger.
  6. A good challenge is always exciting, but sometimes you have got to learn to be still and enjoy the quiet, the normalcy of things, routine. For a while. It helps you define your strengths and find stability.
  7. If you feel the need for a mentor, remember some people may be great mentors, having made a huge success of most of their mentees, but they may not be the right fit for you. Don’t rush to pick a mentor just because they’re successful. Consider if their success is defined the same way as what you seek. Do they really have what you want to learn? It doesn’t mean they are bad people. You may just not be the right fit.
  8. Be available always to those that matter to you. If you are wrong, accept it and apologize. Tell your loved ones your thoughts, let them know they are valued.
  9. Believe that you have something good, unique, different and valuable to offer the world. Discover what it is. Nurture it with all you’ve got. Be the best in what you choose. And then do not sell yourself short.
  10. Last but not least, remember you are different just like everyone else. That difference is what makes you unique. But that difference will only make you special, if you can use it to make a difference in another person’s life.

So go forth and enjoy your new year with passion, joy and love. My wish for you is that your wildest dreams come true. Love and light. xx

PS: I chose this outfit for this post because I find the white and nude combination so clean and fresh, just like the new year , but let’s talk about it in detail a bit year 2new year 9new year 10new year 7

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