Polka Dot Diy Skirt Outfit (2)

polka-dot diy skirt outfit (2)Creativity is an amazing thing and the more you challenge yourself the more you can do. And this, by the way, applies to everything in life. Innovators and entrepreneurs are only different from normal folk because they challenge their creativity to the point of actually making something real and functional out of an idea. In the fashion (and design) world being able to create your own thing, not necessarily from scratch but even the simplest act of putting together an outfit is the surest way to advance your personal style. This is where DIY (do it yourself) projects come in.

When I have the time, I like to do closet edits (for myself) and figure out pieces I can still hang on to and probably wear differently. Now because I am real lazy when it comes to sewing, I stick to stuff that I can just style differently or probably make a few cuts and folds but no sewing. This is how this pretty polka DIY skirt came about. It is actually a spaghetti strap dress which I got as a gift about two years back and I wore for a while as a dress. Then that got boring so I had to figure out what else to do with it. Because if I didn’t it could easily find itself in the never worn 80% of most wardrobes that we talked about here.  Also it happens to be the only polka-dot piece  in my closet so I wasn’t just going to let it go without a fight.

So guess what I did, without any cutting or sewing, I turned this dress into a skirt. It is made of a stretch material which makes it a pretty snug fit on the waist. So all I had to do was fold in the straps and leave a big part of the upper part so as to create a wide waist band illusion. I paired it with a yellow tie-front top and studded black pumps. (I have been loving yellow lately see a recent post here). Style tip, tie-front blouses (at least in their different variations) are still stylish so try one.

polka-dot diy skirt 4

polka-dot diy skirt outfit

polka-dot diy skirt 5

diy polka-dot skirt outfitOutfit details:

Tie-front yellow top – Sharuz Fashion House

Skirt – DIY formerly an Estam dress (gifted)

Black Studded Pumps – Nine West

Thank you for reading. Stay elegant. xx

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