Crimson Red Skirt


If red is the color of love, then crimson is all you need to believe in it. I think it’s the kind of color that just happens to you and doesn’t leave much room to negotiate. Slyly seductive and overly irresistible. Like I know for sure that I cannot resist buying anything in crimson red. Forgive me but I happen to be a hopeless romantic who loves red in all shades. (Yes, even after the Brangelina split I still believe..) So cliché right? But oh well that’s me. So date-night in a crimson skirt? Yes, please. Add a floral off-shoulder top to it? Definitely my kinda plan! Because why not indulge all your obsessions at once if you get the rare chance?


I’m loving this skirt for so many reasons, even after acknowledging the fact that this style has become so popular that you’ve most definitely seen it somewhere. I’m however crazy about it because first the cut is quite sexy. Then there’s the versatility. It can as easily get fancy as it can get casual. Also the fit is amazing. Then it’s crimson. Need I go on? I guess not.

More pictures and outfit deets below ??








I got the skirt from M$D Socute Shop  and the floral off-shoulder top from Mr.Price Galleria. I paired them with my black high-heeled Atmosphere sandals and this ruby clutch bought on Amazon! Gold accents work well with lighter shades of red but I kept my silver earrings on because mixing gold and silver is not a major faux pas contrary to popular belief. Or you be the judge … Thanks for reading and stay elegant!

Xoxo, Dottie

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