Turquoise Off Shouder Dress 3

turquoise chiffon off-shoulder maxi dress

The freedom to wear pieces made of light romantic fabric is one of the things I love about January in Nairobi, despite the heat (and the drought that we hope will end soon). So pieces like this pretty chiffon turquoise off-shoulder dress tend to be among my favorites this time of year. I like the fact that off-shoulder styles seem to be here to stay and seeing that I’m literally addicted to them, I can’t complain. Also, turquoise has to be one of the prettiest colors out there right?

turquoise off-shouder dress 3

Now that we are back to the hustle and bustle of making a living, being the beginning of yet another year, this dress reminds of the holidays which I don’t mind dwelling on just for a little longer.  Not to say that I’m not back into hustle mode but the joy of the holidays is one mood I don’t like getting rid of and if I can find anything (like an off-shoulder turquoise number with the coolest embroidery) to keep the memories in place then I will gladly take it.

turquoise off-shoulder chiffon dressI find this dress quite elegant in its simplicity. That’s what drew me to it in the first place. And who doesn’t love a bit of elegance from time to time? I for one believe that everybody is entitled to some elegance. Elegance is not about abundance or material luxury. I prefer to view it as the luxury of choice. You’ve got to teach yourself to sort out all the clutter, both in your life and in your style.  That way you can easily pick out the seemingly simple things that make a huge difference. Find that je ne se quoi that makes you extra-ordinary. And believe that you too deserve and should go for only the best! That’s what elegance is about.

turquoise off shoulder dress

turquoise off- dress 1


turquoise off-shoulder dress 2

Dress – Alicia in Wonderland

Heels- Atmosphere

Purse – Wardrobe Staples

Watch – Anne Klein

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