FigureStyle Boutique Office Wear Edition

A while back I wrote a post about a new boutique in Kilimani, Nairobi, called FigureStyle Boutique, and their amazingly unique collection. The post got a lot of positive response and follow up questions. It was nice to know that you guys did spot the uniqueness of this boutique and the kind of items they have in stock, just as I was hoping you would. And since then I have been regularly checking up on them so that I can update you guys the moment a new stock comes in.

This past weekend, therefore, I was elated to learn of the arrival of a new stock, which mainly consists of office wear pieces. I just had to check it out and do a review because I know how much we ladies struggle to find quality, unique, elegant but also beautiful office wear. Work wear sometimes has a tendency to be dull and boring and sometimes even ill-fitting. I know so many people who have given up on finding that perfect power suit, which we all need more often than not. But luckily, the talented people at FigureStyle  who as I had mentioned before have a great eye for style, know exactly what’s missing in the market, and they have effectively filled that gap. How cool.FigureStyle office wear skirt suit turquoise

Honestly, I am in love with all these suits. Basically, from this collection, you can easily pick an outfit for every day of the week. Start with the elegant power suits on Monday, and end the week with the chic jackets paired with classy office pants which are available in different colors. And if you are like me and love to add a little twist to your wardrobe, how about this pretty mustard skirt which actually comes as a set already styled for you with the floral top? So ladies, office wear need not be boring anymore, these items will brighten up your wardrobe like never before and they are a worthy investment. Also, very reasonably priced I might add.

Figurestyle Boutique office wear mustard skirtStyling these pieces was made easier by the handbag collection at FigureStyle Boutique. And as you will notice from the pictures, now they also have beautiful top quality leather wallets, some of which I styled with suits too.I hope you have now realized that the search for beautiful office wear is over. I think when they say dress for the job you want this is the kind of attire they are talking about! So head over to FigureStyle Boutique in Kilimani and get sorted before they run out of stock!


FigureStyle Boutique is located behind Astrol Petrol Station on Lenana road, Kilimani. You can also contact them on their Facebook page here or call them on +254724566237.

Thanks for reading and stay elegant!



More pictures below!

FigureStyle Boutique grey skirt suit

FigureStyle work wear grey pantsuit

FigureStyle boutique office wear navy skirt suitFigureStyle Boutique office wear black suitFigureStyle Boutique gingham jacket and white pantsFigureStyle Boutique leather wallets

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  1. I love how practical yet sophisticated you have remained all through. But of all I love this pieces…

  2. You look really classy and stylish in all these. I like the colours in the mustard outfit and the white top u wore in the other outfits adds a nice bit of sexiness to the classiness! U look great in all the outfits though-as you always do! x x

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