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Happy New month guys and hope you had a restful long weekend and a great Labor Day. I am super excited today for two reasons; first that I can finally wear my shoes again, heels no less, take photos and share with you guys fresh outfit ideas and inspiration! Not being able to do that was a major downer for a while, luckily work took centre stage and who knew the days would go by this swiftly. So I am glad that May is finally here and with it, the return of my outfit posts.

The second reason for my excitement is the stolen sunshine moments the weather is affording us, in the face of gloomier days to come. I just love how the sun has lately been sneakily peeking out for a few hours before being enveloped by dark clouds. I love me some morning rays! You see this year I’m finding myself savoring these brighter days more now that we are headed for a cooler season, especially because I feel like I missed out on this year’s warm weather. What with spending its first almost three months indoors thanks to my leg injury. Tsk. Glad that’s all over now. So much so that the sneaky games the sun is playing with the clouds have become a source of inspiration. It’s like how happiness sneaks up on you, right? You set out maybe seeking love, some sort of fulfillment or success and think this is how you’ll be happy. Then one day, you suddenly realize, amid the journey to your happiness, you became happy! Sometimes for no apparent special reason. For just being alive and well, and valuing the peace in your heart, you find yourself content with joy and gratitude. Isn’t that what we all live for anyway? Happiness?

So in the spirit of chasing brighter days I am currently crushing on these red wide leg pants. Between the radiant color that brings cheer to the heart, the flirty fabric and the cut as laid-back as my soul, what’s not to love about these pants. Actually the only way these pants were going to get more cheerful was by pairing them with hints of gold and that’s what I did. Also, notice the butterfly print? That’s a direct reference to my mood right now ☺️ I hope you’re enjoying these clandestine sunshine moments while they last as I am. Still, I wish you happier and brighter days filled with joy, even when the sun goes into hiding.

Thanks for stopping by and stay elegant! Find outfit details below ??



Shop the look:

Red wide leg pants – The House of Fashion Nairobi

Top -Topshop

Heels – Instyle Shoes Westlands

Clutch – Jumia

Leather strap watch – Anne Klein|Nordstom

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  1. Would those pants suit a skiny girl like me? I am a banana-shaped kind of girl??‍♀️. Thanks?? killing it as always

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