Dottie Kiminya fashion stylist (2)Fashion Stylist

Editorial Styling: I will conceptualize, organize and style your photo shoots for all kinds of media publications, select items to appear in fashion product pages, and write informative articles on personal style and trends featuring your products.

Wardrobe Styling: for TV, film, performances, runway and fashion parades, personal events including event conceptualizing, venue selection and PR management.

Corporate Styling: for company executives, staff image, online publications/in-house magazines and public appearances.

Retail, Catalogue and Merchandise Styling: For your customers as they shop, your marketing publications and your mannequins at the store.

Personal (and Celebrity) Styling : The mind process of what to purchase, how to put it together and for what occasion is so simple but surprisingly, the key to good dressing. The art of shopping is not as complicated once you have understood what you already have, what you need to buy to and how to put it together. My personal stylist services include a closet edit, a look-book and personal shopping.

Image & Wardrobe Consultant

Formal training in the fashion industry exposed me to possibilities of the meaningful work I can do with fashion besides styling. I realized that personal image means not only rediscovering and embracing your personal style; but also being inspired to want to showcase your best self to the world. Your wardrobe need not be only fashionable, but also practical, sophisticated and versatile. It is a way to show the world the beauty inside you, without adopting unnecessary trends, spending monumental sums of money or succumbing to discomfort to fit in. My hope is that you will trust me enough to invite me to share your journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, so that together we can create for you an elegant, versatile and practical wardrobe that stays in touch with your identity. What you wear speaks for you before you move your lips; it is best to ensure it sticks to the facts. You are fabulous. All I want is to help you show the world just how much.

Fashion Publicist / Fashion PR

Having been a PR girl for over five years before I became a fashion blogger, I figured what better way to combine these two passions of mine and create something great and useful to both the PR and Fashion worlds. And that’s how I ventured into Fashion Public Relations. The Elegant Lane PR focuses on solutions for two kinds of brands: those that are new in the market and aren’t quite ready to hire a PR or marketing agency  but still want agency-quality, high-level strategic guidance and powerful brand material for their online and media outreach. Secondly, brands that have  established their niche market  but need a PR boost or a strategy change to explore further possibilities and grow even bigger. Don’t think of this as the usual blogger reviews et al., think strategy advice and action in one package. Services go further than online and once we are done implementing your specially tailored strategy, your fashion business will only get better.

Featured Fashion and Lifestyle Posts

Would you like to have your products or services featured on this blog? Contact me to iron out the details! I feature Fashion, Travel, Food & Food Places, Leisure, Wellness and Décor.

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