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My third Valentine’s Weekend outfit was inspired by my love for simplicity, the need to make use of a dress bought on impulse and these shoes that I was dying to find an occasion to step out in. Because I absolutely love the lace-up pumps and do not get the chance to wear them nearly enough. I am quite excited by a recent career change that means I can wear more interesting stuff practically all week. What better time then to do a shop your closet challenge? I am having so much fun doing this guys; I think I might get withdrawal symptoms once I have to go back to actual shopping. But until then let’s have some fun (hoping you took up the challenge).

I have never worn this dress since I got it about two years back. It was a truly impulse buy (yes even serial shoppers have those lol!! Anyway one spring afternoon in Manhattan, you know the sunny kind that make you feel obligated to get out of the apartment and walk a few blocks because failure to do so means you are not being appreciative of the miracle of sunshine and good weather, and of course New York being every shopaholic’s relapse trigger, I had to go shopping. That’s how I ended up spending a few more dollars than planned (but totally worth it) at a Zara store on 1963 Broadway, on a beautiful monochrome dress that turned out to be too wide at the waist and therefore unwearable until altered. Anyway my tailor finally came to the rescue two years later and now I can rock it. How awesome is that. Especially because the fabric on this dress is not anything I have seen before. Just ah-mazing. Stylebook App as always played a major role in finding the right shoes for this dress.

Are you shopping your closet? How is it going? As always thank you for reading and stay elegant. XX

shop your closet dinner and a movie 2

shop your closet dinner and a movie

shop your closet dinner and a movie 3Outfit details:

Dress – Zara

Purse: Wardrobe Staples

Shoes: Fashion Reborn

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