Shop Your Closet Lunch Date

shop your closet lunch date

There was such great feedback on the previous post and I’m so proud of everyone who has the  embraced the shop your closet concept. It doesn’t matter for how long you can pull it off, even a month is great for starters. With time you will realize that your sense of style is evolving, that you are more conscious of what you choose to wear every day and you are more in touch with your style choices. And eventually the famous I have nothing to wear syndrome will be long gone and forgotten. Yes ladies this is about the surest way to discover your personal style! So I challenge you to try and do this for as long as you can, of course depending on the amount of stuff in your closet. It doesn’t mean you will not buy any new thing at all (if you love shopping like I do don’t shun this idea just yet) ; it’s just that you will refrain from buying stuff just because you see it, but instead purchase an item because you know how you will incorporate it into your wardrobe. Later in this series we will be able to explore smart shopping choices as well. Right now, being the serial shopper that I am, (you will be surprised) I have challenged myself to have worn at least 50% of my closet by the end of thirty days. You are welcome to join the challenge, and feel free to post your pictures and tag me on Instagram/Facebook! Now let’s talk about how I put together my second Valentine’s Weekend outfit choice.

This dress was a gift from my (super stylish) sister a few years back and  I loove it! The print is really special, and the fabric is amazing. It’s the kind of dress you go to when you want to look dressed up with little effort. In fact I wore it quite often for a while then for some reason it found itself hidden in the 80% of my abandoned and being rediscovered wardrobe. Probably because it’s quite casual especially the way it fits me and I happen to have spent most of my time in the past 2 years in corporate set-ups with little time to go casual. So I literally went digging for it when I thought of it. Well at least the shoes and bag were not as hard to locate 🙂 And I did my hair differently to show off the large stud earrings I don’t get the chance to wear often as I would like. We drove out of town so this is what I chose to wear on Saturday for the drive and lunch date.

Shop your closet style tip: Begin with one clothing item (accessories don’t count) then build your outfit from there trying as much as possible to stay in the 80% of uncharted territory (i.e closet). Pair with different items to see what works best. I find that using the Stylebook app helps a lot with putting outfits together.

Thanks for reading and stay elegant . XX

shop your closet lunch date 1

shop your closet lunch date 2 shop your closet lunch date 3 (2)

Outfit details:

Dress – Cache

Purse – Jumia

Red pumps – Nine West

Earrings – Target

Make- up – Everything MAC (recently got a gift bag containing lots of products and I love it all)

Pictures taken on a sunny Nairobi afternoon by my photographer of the day (brother) Eric right outside my gate 🙂 I could get used to this (if he has the time). Dude totally ‘gets’ me!

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