Ruched Sleeves Blue Dress

Ruched sleeves blue dressNow that we are all in agreement that my favorite color seems to be blue, let me go ahead and own it. I have always liked to believe that I love all colors equally but based on the kind of clothes I find myself featuring here lately and even what my eyes gravitate to any time I am shopping, I am inclined to accept the fact that I after all do have a favorite color. So don’t judge me too harshly if I seem to be featuring lots of blue pieces from time to time. I will still keep it interesting to avoid becoming a bore. With that said, it does seem like an obvious reason then to have picked this blue dress. However, weird enough, I was more sold on the perfect fit when I tried it on. Also, since ruched sleeves are back in fashion, based on their appearance on the spring/summer 2017 runway, I didn’t need much convincing. I may not be a trends kind of girl but since this is one trend that I think it’s on it’s way to being a classic I had to take the chance.

Blue dress outfit office

Another reason why this dress is among my favorites is how simple it is to style; it’s basically the kind of dress I go to when I need to get dressed for work or a meeting in minimal time. The ruched sleeves detail means that I don’t need to think of a blazer to pair it with since it already strikes the perfect balance between demure and dressy which works great for an office environment.

blue dress office wear 3My wardrobe currently does feature a few blue pieces but unfortunately none for the office/work environment. So finding this one was great luck. It’s tailor made hence the perfect fit. I added on the belt to give it a little twist and an all black accessory plan worked well for a simple office wear look. A dress like this really is an everyday look, something that requires minimal effort in styling and still comes off as elegant. How do you wear your blue favorites? Find outfit details below the pictures ??

Blue dress outfit blue dress outfit 2 Version 2 DSC_9985 DSC_9992 Ruched sleeves blue dress 2 ruched sleeves blue dress 4

Dress: Sharuz Fashion House

Shoes: Nine West

Bag: Kilimall

Thanks for reading and stay elegant!




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