The Elegant Lane Jeans And A Tee

the elegant lane jeans and a tee

My definition of busy is having to run a million and one errands (I do have a tendency to exaggerate) while working on several projects simultaneously, which has become the story of my life for the past week or so. Anyway if this happens to you, you tend to get a little too comfortable in casual attire. Lately that has been the norm around here. Jeans and a tee kind of casual… To the point that I found myself awed by the versatility of this outfit choice. A pair of jeans and a clean white tee can be as dressed up as it can get drab.  Although obviously not all dressed down jeans are drab. To find the perfect balance you have to pay attention to your choice of accessories. So maybe whoever said that the devil is in the details was onto something huh.

the elegant lane weekend wear
Take my outfit for instance. This ensemble just sort of figured itself out. I was wearing the jeans with T-shirt at home when I suddenly got business to attend to, which required some sort of dressing up. All I did was find the nude shoes, pair them with the nude blazer and add on my everyday black handbag. And voila. I was good to step out and conquer the world 🙂  Seriously though this outfit for some reason impressed me enough to want to share with you guys. And since then, I’m obsessed with figuring out  more options to dress up the regular jeans and a tee outfit. Clearly with style just like everything else it is the details that make a difference. Pay attention to them.

As always thanks for reading and stay elegant. Xx

Outfit details :
Blue  Skinny Jeans – Mr. Price
White Statement T-shirt – Jumia
Nude Blazer – Jumia
Nude Pumps – Nine West

the elegant lane jeans and a tee 2

the elegant lane blue jeans

the elegant lane how to wear nude heels

the elegant lane black handbag style

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