How I Style Jogger Pants

How I style jogger pants

So being a girl who is not super eager to try new trends, especially when they stray too far from my personal style, I have had my reservations on atheisure (that popular trend of combining sporty separates with dressier pieces) since it first appeared on the 2015-2016 summer runway. But by and by I have come to appreciate the idea of wearing my work-out clothes to lunch and be taken seriously. Haha. And that all happened when I realized that I could style my everyday joggers without losing my style preference. The beauty of this trend is its effortless nature and the fact that it doesn’t require a lot of thinking really, you just need to try and see what works for you. But while we are at it, I might as well confess that I am doing this post because of a reader who suggested I give ideas on how to elegantly style jogger pants since they are not the easiest style to hack.  And I felt it would be pretentious to give pointers when I myself haven’t given it a try. So instead of shying off from a challenge I took it head on as we grown women do 🙂 And having tried the look and given it some thought, here are a few ideas that I think could help you pull off the athleisure style in the streets without losing your elegance or looking like a bad joke. The athletic preferred piece being jogger pants because well, they really are the easiest to pull off.

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-Wear jogger pants with polished shoe styles like pumps or high heeled sandals. The contrast of the two styles makes it super interesting.

– Don’t wear jogger pants that are two baggy, and they need not be tight just ensure that they hug your silhouette a little bit to give shape.

– Don’t go overboard with the athletic look like matching your joggers with sport shoes if you are actually dressing up to go somewhere that’s not the gym. (by the way said sport shoes would work well with a skirt and same goes for a sporty jacket). With jogger pants however style the top with something dressier like a leather jacket or structured blazer. Same goes for accessories. Dressy pieces are key.

All in all, remember this style looks best when you strike a perfect balance between dressed up and laid back so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works. All the best in pulling off your sporty chic look this weekend!how i style jogger pants 4

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How i style jogger pants

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I’m wearing: Jogger pants from Jumia, Guess Factory faux leather jacket, Forever 21 strapless top, Primark‘s Atmosphere heels.

Thanks for reading and stay elegant! XX

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