Polka Dot Skirt Outfit 1

polka dot skirt outfit 1Once upon a time I had a polka dots obsession. So much so that when I couldn’t get the perfect polka dot skirt in any retail store, I bought the fabric, drew a design and took it to my tailor to sew…(I do such stunts quite often by the way). And voila! I had my very own polka dot skirt. Now it so happens that I have had this skirt in my closet for the past four years. Luckily no much weight change has happened in those years so the skirt still fits perfectly. And because I have had it for so long, I have thought of as many ways as possible to style it, from full monochrome to pairing it with colorful shirts, to adding a color pop with colourful heels. I chose to feature this look because I find it the simplest yet still as elegant. Also because it’s quite versatile, in that you can as easily wear it to work as well as a lunch date etc. polka dot skirt 8For this look, I paired the polka dot skirt with a simple black sweater (hello Nairobi weather), black pumps and a multilayered necklace.polka dot skirt 4My statement piece of the day was this cute purse I am currently in love with so expect to see it in a little too many looks from now on ( yes you have been warned 🙂 though I will try really hard not to overdo it. I’m one of those people who are too lazy to change bags and as long as it goes with the outfit, I might forget and use it until it’s unusable. Owing to a lifestyle of an unpredictable schedule I tend to prefer small purses to big bags (they just work best for me) so this purse is definitely a welcome addition to my closet.polka dot skirt outfitAlso I’m currently in love with this high-bun since I finally figured how to do it in under a minute!polka dot skirt 7Hope you are having a great week. More pictures and outfit details below!polka dot skirt outfit 2polka dot skirt 6polka dot skirt 3polka dot skirt 5Outfit details:

Skirt : Own design

Sweater: Express (on sale!)

Purse : Jumia Kenya

Shoes : Jane Norman London

Necklace: Unique Accesories

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    1. Sorry love this tailor moved back to his home country (Burundi) but I’m scouting for another one I’ll definitely share.

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