Summer Office Wear

Summer Office Wear


summer office wear

Technically we don’t actually have summer in Kenya so excuse the somewhat inaccurate heading. However January is way too hot in our side of the world and among the things that bug us during this trying month is what to wear to work. I mean if your office is that conservative and overly serious place where people are mostly dark suits and blazers, it can get tricky to find office wear that will fit in and still be comfortable for warm weather. So let’s tackle it ladies. The trick is to keep your outfit as professional as possible but pay attention to a few details.

Light-weight summer fabrics

For instance, your choice of fabric will determine how well you will endure the heat all day. So choose tops in light weight fabrics like chiffon, linen or silk. If you have to wear cotton, ensure it is light cotton.

Showing skin

summer office wear

Despite the great temptation to wear the least amount of clothes possible, you’ve got to remember that you are in serious environment nevertheless. So if you wear a sleeveless shirt for instance (it’s allowed for women in most offices) you have to pair it with something that shows less skin like slacks or a skirt that’s below the knee.  Of course remember to carry a light blazer that you can put on in case of an important meeting. Hopefully the air conditioning will be good enough to take you through those grueling thirty to forty minutes.


Celine Trapeze bag in multicolor

Keep the bright weather spirits by choosing pretty but subtle accessories like a necklace or a colored handbag. I chose this Céline Trapeze Multi-color bag because it just goes so well with the shoes and the entire outfit (I think).

Less is more

Umm not in the literal sense exactly because I know most of us are already tempted to lose the clothes 🙂 But it’s some awkward things that we do like wearing prints from head to toe because it’s bright outside. Or using your sunglasses as a headband because you forgot to put them in your bag when you stepped into the office. Just remember to keep things professional. Hopefully the AC works!

Thanks for reading and stay elegant. XX

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