Dressing For Your Body Type – Apple Vs Pear

Dressing for Your Body Type – Apple Vs Pear

Outfit 4- red dress-page-001-2Knowing the right clothes for your body type is an important aspect of good dressing. Not all trends will look good on all body shapes and regardless of how fashionable a garment is, if it does not flatter your figure it just makes no sense purchasing it.

So ladies please stop starving yourself to get into your closet the newest trend in town without first asking yourself the fundamental question; how will that look on me?

For those who have not yet thought about their body type, here are two main reasons why you should.

One, there is a part of your body that you love and you want to accentuate. (If not please work on your self-confidence and wearing the right clothes will help you with that). On the flip side, and this is an unfortunate fact, almost every body type has a typical characteristics that its bearers are not too crazy about and are not quite happy with clothes that exaggerate that characteristic.

For instance most African women are well endowed on the bottom half of their bodies (read bum) and may have encountered the challenge of choosing well-fitting office wear especially, to look chic and respectable at the same time. So some may opt to hide under unflattering garments in the name of decency which need not be the case.

Knowing your body proportions helps you determine how to dress all the parts to achieve a balanced silhouette – with curves in all the right places!

Women’s body shapes usually will fall under four categories that most people are familiar with; the apple, the pear, the hourglass and the banana.

Isn’t it cute how they chose to call them fruit names to make sure you aren’t in the least bit offended? Except the hour-glass of course because, well, it is the hour glass… Anyway I digress.

Basically these names were coined to illustrate the distinct characteristics of each body type. So, with the current fashion trends and your body shape in mind, let’s talk about the easiest trends to adopt and, those to, not necessarily absolutely avoid, but tread their territory with stylish care.

These tips will help you know your figure and flatter it with the trendiest and most appropriate clothing for this age, without hiding your fabulousness.

Today we will talk about the busty apple and the curvy pear. In the next issue we will discuss the evasive hourglass and the athletic banana.


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