Dressing For Your Body Type – Hourglass Vs Banana

Dressing for your body type – Hourglass vs Banana

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Continuing from the previous article on wearing fashion for your figure, today let’s talk about the other two body shapes; the evasive hourglass and the athletic banana.

Just as we did with the apple and pear, we will lay out a few trends that are perfectly made for these two body types to rock, and those that should be adopted with caution if at all.


Probably highest in the ranking of shapes coveted by the ladies as much as they are appreciated by the lads, here comes the incredibly evasive female body shape, the hourglass. In fact apparently, only 8% of women in the world have it. So if you do, you better learn how to flaunt your God-given miracle like it could disappear tomorrow. It won’t, but still… Anyway let’s talk about the hourglass

This lady’s body is made in almost perfect proportions. Shoulders as wide as the hips, full bust, well defined small waist, well rounded full hips and thighs. If you’re the lady I’m talking to, your fashion goal is to ensure your clothes are a proper fit so you can show off your perfect body, and not overdo things with too much detail and accessories.

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