The Cold Season Style Hack

The Cold Season Style Hack

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Crazy rains, dull days, freezing cold. This is going to be pretty much our lives for at least the next two months or so. And knowing that things aren’t changing anytime soon could be the morale we need to adapt to the situation, huh? I know this season comes with more challenges than we are willing to handle, especially when we have to worry about important stuff like getting home before the wee hours of the morning, the kids getting home safe, cars that may require a fortune to fix due to floods, and sometimes, could that be my wake-up alarm I just heard while still stuck in traffic? (Apparently, true story…) Well yes the list of worries is endless.

Still beyond all the craziness, the tiny little vanity we have left after battling with all these depressing situations will have to worry about what to wear today. Which in fact IS still a big deal considering how life goes on no matter how much of a downpour is happening outside (as long as your building does not collapse of course), you have got to go to your meetings, meet up with the client for lunch, buy groceries, sit at your desk and work, pick up the kids from school, write fashion articles like yours truly and so on. So how about we take a break from the whole craze of rainy seasons and tickle our fancy just for a minute, by exposing some easy style hacks that will leave you looking so dashing you may even brighten your dull sunless days? I won’t bore you with details of what to wear when it’s cold or rainy because it is common sense that you will need warm clothes and this is where your boots and woolen jackets and scarfs will come into play. But how about a few tips and tricks on things you can change up a little that will not only transform your fall outfit from basic dull to bright and fabulous, but also make it more practical for the weather?

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Dressing For Your Body Type – Hourglass Vs Banana

Dressing for your body type – Hourglass vs Banana

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Continuing from the previous article on wearing fashion for your figure, today let’s talk about the other two body shapes; the evasive hourglass and the athletic banana.

Just as we did with the apple and pear, we will lay out a few trends that are perfectly made for these two body types to rock, and those that should be adopted with caution if at all.


Probably highest in the ranking of shapes coveted by the ladies as much as they are appreciated by the lads, here comes the incredibly evasive female body shape, the hourglass. In fact apparently, only 8% of women in the world have it. So if you do, you better learn how to flaunt your God-given miracle like it could disappear tomorrow. It won’t, but still… Anyway let’s talk about the hourglass

This lady’s body is made in almost perfect proportions. Shoulders as wide as the hips, full bust, well defined small waist, well rounded full hips and thighs. If you’re the lady I’m talking to, your fashion goal is to ensure your clothes are a proper fit so you can show off your perfect body, and not overdo things with too much detail and accessories.

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