Oscars 2016 Best Dressed List

Oscars 2016 best dressed list

Like several other people I’m sure, I spent most of my Monday morning glued to my TV screen following the 88th Academy Awards Ceremony, and I must admit that this year the ceremony had much more content and was almost as interesting as the arrivals  (and costume designer Jenny Beavan’s cringe-worthy (or was it a costume?) outfit as she received her Oscar did put some things into perspective)… However obviously my favorite part has always been the red carpet where I get to see the gorgeous (and sometimes not so gorgeous) dresses that the (female) stars choose to don. And as usual I had my favorite picks, which is always dresses that I would love to wear myself, the kind that resonate with my personal style and even save them for outfit inspiration later. Simple elegance is my style in case you are wondering. Of course quite often a dress on one person’s best dressed list can end up in another person’s worst dressed list. Because style is quite individual. My favorite picks therefore are purely based on my own opinion and taste and other people may not necessarily agree.  That said, here  goes my ten favorite looks for the Oscars 2016, in no particular order really (meaning I love each dress as much as the other, for different reasons).

Oscars 2016 best dressed Charlize theron

The fierce Charlize Theron is stunning in this red gown that does her looks justice in every way.

Oscars 2016 best dressed Brie Larson

Hello Brie, I didn’t even pay much attention to you until tonight. I want that dress. And congratulations on the big win!

Oscars 2016 best dressed Cate Blanchett

Thank you so much Cate for redeeming your style after that horrid golden globes gown. My faith in you is now restored

Oscars 2016 best dressed Jennifer Garner

Smoking hot woman! Ben Affleck is dumb. And you did this dress justice.

Oscars 2016 best dressed Margot Robbie

So gorgeous in a rather sweet almost harmless looking way. Rock that bod Margot

Oscars 2016 best dressed saoirse ronan

The fabric on this gown is everything

Oscars 2016 best dressed Tina Fey

Oh hey Tina. Great color choice. And loove the updo

Oscars 2016 best dressed Rachael McAdams

Read somewhere that this dress has not even been on the runway yet! Rachael McAdams rocked it. And the simple yet precise details make it oh so elegant

Oscars 2016 best dressed Sofia Vergara

Always killing it gorgeous Sofia. I hope this dress thanked you for wearing it so well. The great fit especially. It could have easily been a disaster on the wrong body

Oscars 2016 best dressed Lady Gaga

Mmm Lady Gaga. Interesting choice as always but this time truly classy. I guess everyone does grow up after all. (Something amiss at the bust though… All in all still very elegant)

Pictures downloaded from the world wide web, I haven’t started attending the Oscars yet 🙂 Thank you for reading, comment, share subscribe and stay elegant. XX

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