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thrift zara  jacquard a line dress

I believe in thrifts, endless searches for vintage finds and the thrill of finding a perfect piece without worrying what brand it is. So the next time you’re wondering where I shop don’t completely rule out some random thrift store in your estate. Now being a brand fanatic and a willing brand ambassador in my other life,(you know, due to the PR profession) the above statement might seem like a double standard.  But truth is, in fashion just as in everything else, when you think about a brand, it has to resonate with value for money. And in clothes, I find value for money to be about great fit and comfort in addition to being trendy.It is a mistaken attitude that a million dollar designer dress will automatically transform you to being stylish or fashionable. Because we all know the old adage, it is not what you wear but how you wear it. And this is where thrifting comes in.

Lately lots of vintage pieces are showing up in couture and every day wear. Because fashion is always recycled and what’s fashionable today was fashionable (most likely) when your mom was your age! So besides the money you save, think of thrifting as your surest way to get trendy pieces that you will most likely not find anywhere else as easily.

Flash back to spring of 2014 in Manhattan, and what else would a woman do with a free afternoon in NY, other than burning the carbs the Carrie Bradshaw way, read shopping. So I spot this little thrift store, from which after several minutes of browsing I dig out this amazingly brilliant piece, a gorgeous A-line dress in a luxurious jacquard fabric. For a little over $20, believe it or not. Probably the only decent thing in that shop by the way, because I did look. So yes, thrifting will probably not be a breezy affair.

Now I do have some thrifting tips from experience. Be careful with shoes and bags,  I personally avoid them because I find it a lot easier to stick to my  tried and tested brands on this one which is directly related to style, comfort and durability. (There goes the double standards again but oh well…) Jewelry also, I kinda like gifting myself not-used-before gems. But clothes, oh the beauty of vintage fabric that you will find in these thrift stores, that’s still super trendy. I’m talking jacquard, suede, leather, denim, chiffon, knits etc. And if you are a fabric enthusiast like me that’s a big deal. Also when you thrift remember to ask yourself important questions like, will I really wear this? What will I pair it with? I’m I buying just because it’s way cheaper than its actual market value or because I actually like it? Does it make me look like I’m homeless, or is it super stylish and will look great paired with the x bag and y shoes? You have to be extra picky, be patient, and try on the clothes before you make the purchase. So you can’t be in a hurry. And doing it online could be tricky.

If you are generally a lucky person, get thrifting this season…and may the odds of the thrift store be in your favor 🙂 Oh for the brand enthusiasts, the dress is Zara. Thanks for reading, stay fabulous, even on a budget. Love and light. XX

thrift jacquard a line dressgrey jacquard a line dressthrift jacquard a line dress

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