Tropical Maxi Romper

Tropical vibes 2Who wants a tropical vacation like I do right now? ’cause I really want one! I want a tropical vacation, on a picturesque white sand beach with palm trees and summery weather and all things light and bright. I want to lounge on those perfectly comfy sun-beds all day and savor endless mojitos and cosmos and not need to answer any phone calls or emails… I want to take strolls in small idyllic towns with people who know not the existence of Instagram or Snapchat, and taste those roadside delicacies whose smell you just can’t resist. And wake up at midday because I was up until past midnight, or still early to watch the sunrise and do oceanside yoga (the best). Or go on romantic dinners in a land full of foreign people and beautiful surprises. Go on boat rides and evening dhow cruises in true wanderluster fashion ? Basically my dream vacation that I can’t wait for !!

Tropical vibes 8But since I’m here in a cold city that knows not the meaning of seasons and cannot for once behave when I say this is the end of cold weather… all I can do is dream. And share these pictures of this pretty dress that makes me forget about climate change and global warming and work and bills and real life in general. And when a dress does that for you, really you need not explain further why it is one of your favorites.  Guys, where would you wear this dress to? Does its flowy nature, off-shoulder cut and tropical prints make you think of holiday too? And does anyone know when the cold season is gonna end in Nairobi though??

Tropical vibes 1

Tropical vibes 10

Tropical vibes 6

I’m wearing a floral romper maxi dress that I was lucky to get from a shop on FB (they sold out so fast)! Actually I had seen it here first, but when I saw it on FB I figured what the heck it arrives faster and no shipping fees anyway. Chic couture online still have it in stock though so you could get one there…  Haven’t shopped there myself so please do your homework first! Shoes are from Jumia and bag bought in a Manhattan street. Thanks so much for reading and stay elegant! XX

More pics ??

Tropical vibes 7Tropical vibes 4

Tropical vibes 9

Tropical vibes 5


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