Shirt Dress With Distressed Denim


Shirt dress with distressed denim

Up until a while back, I really loved my form-fitting pieces and mostly stuck to that style when choosing something to wear. Only recently have I opened up to the possibly of wearing something not as fitting and looking good in it. Take this shirt dress for instance. Honestly I think the main reason it made it into my closet is its versatility and the possibilities of styling it that I imagined. For instance, I could wear it as a duster-coat in summer, wear it alone or as a beach cover-up, right? Right? Well, I guess I’ll have to try see how it turns out. The best thing about defining your personal style is having the freedom to play around it, putting pieces together while you already have an idea of the turn-out you desire. Because it’s never about individual pieces but the whole ensemble. That’s what I was trying to prove with this outfit.Shirt dress with jeans

I paired the shirt dress with distressed denim which I couldn’t resist buying because they were on a major sale (still are I think).  I added sky-high heels to elegate* the look. (Elegate being my own made-up word which means make a look more elegant 🙂 So there you have it, super simple yet not too shabby right? And anyone can totally rock this on any casual setting.Long shirt with jeans outfit shirt dress with distressed denim (1) Version 2 shirt dress with distressed denim 2 Version 3

Shirt dress with jeans 6 Distressed denim with shirt dress

Outfit details:

Shirt-dress – Liberty Loloh Fashions

Jeans – Mr. Price

Shoes – Steve Madden

Purse – Wardrobe Staples

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. Hope you are inspired to try something new soon. Stay elegant. xx

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